ProjectionWorks - HarnessWorks

ProjectionWorks - HarnessWorks
HarnessWorks adds visual step by step instructions directly to the harness board. Import your harness drawings directly from your existing design software, add any helpful tips and text, and guide your technicians through the build process.

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ProjectionWorks - PaintWorks Software
  • View the paint scheme projected onto the vehicle for customer/internal approval prior to masking
  • Paint highly complex schemes with precision and repeatability across entire fleets
  • Reduce paint masking time substantially
  • Eliminate guesswork and inconsistencies from paint masking
  • Minimize rework
  • Accurately masking projected lines requires less skill than current tracing method
  • Increase complexity of paint schemes without increasing time spent or requiring master painters
  • Standardize workforce and results across multiple locations

ProjectionWorks - AssemblyWorks Software
AssemblyWorks enables manufacturing engineers to write the "manufacturing script" for an assembly process and display that script directly onto the target assembly.

VIAVI - ALT-9000 Radio Altimeter Test Set
  • Fiber optic delay line based test set supports all formats of radio altimeters
  • Portable ruggedized enclosure for flight line or benchtop use
  • Battery operated
  • Simulates static altitudes from 0* ft. to 10,000 ft. in 10 ft. steps (*minimum simulated altitude dependent upon AID and test cable length)
  • +20 dB of power level offset from nominal loop loss value
  • Touch-screen operation 
  • Direct-connect to UUT T/R or installed system via antenna couplers

VIAVI - Xgig M.2, 4-lane Interposer for PCI Express 5.0
  • Operates up to 32GT/s, PCIe 5.0 data rates
  • Downward compatible with PCIe Gen-1, Gen-2, Gen-3 and Gen-4 data rates of 2.5, 5.0, 8.0 and 16.0GT/s
  • Supports PCIe links of up to 4-lanes
  • M.2 PCIe SSD DUT plugs directly into the Interposer
  • Supports M.2 card types 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280 and 22110
  • Custom cable with PCB connects to host system DUT
  • Data path uses high-speed linear redrivers to ensure good signal capture with little or no tuning
  • Supplied with two high-quality SFF-8764 equivalent custom cables for Analyzer attachment
  • Supports Analyzer side-band signal capture and triggering
  • Interposer power is independent of host system
  • A 120/220 AC in, 12V/3A DC output converter is included
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Xgig software tools suite, including Expert™, for problem and performance analysis

VTI Instruments - EMX-75XX PXIe Core Automated Test Equipment
  • High Current - 300 mA Sink
  • High Density - 64 Channels / Card
  • Isolation - 1000 V
  • Multiple Digital Logic Levels - LV TTL - TTL - 60 V Max, User Defined
  • Flexible Configurations - Dedicated Input - Dedicated Output - Eight, 8-Bit Ports
  • Flexible Software - Embedded Soft Front Panel - Common IVI Software Drivers

VTI Instruments - EMX-7XXX Precision Programmable Resistor Ladders
  • 4 Independent Channels
  • 1Ω Resistance Increments
  • Precision Sensor Simulation Capability
  • Low Thermal Offset
  • Independent Sense Feedback
  • Parallel and Series Operation
  • Dynamic Soft Front Panel
  • IVI-COM, IVI-C, LabVIEW™ Drivers
  • Monitoring the Set Values Without Disconnecting Channels Connections
  • 3-Year Warranty

VTI Instruments - EMX-4XXX High-performance Breakout Boxes, Smart High Density Dynamic Signal Analyzers, Smart PXIe 652 KSA/s Digitizers, and Charge / IEPE PXI Digitizers
The EMX-4xxx product family contains high-performance breakout boxes (EMX-4008 and EMX-4016), smart high density dynamic signal analyzers (EMX-4250 and EMX-4251), smart PXIe 625 KSA/s 4-channel digizers (EMX-4350), and charge and IEPE PXIe 625 KSA/s 4-channel digitizers (EMX-4380)

VTI Instruments - PXIe Controllers
The PXIe controllers include gigabit ethernet LXI controllers (EMX-2500) and PXIe embedded controllers, pictured (EMX-2401)

VTI Instruments - VXI Chassis
VXI Chassis include 6-slot VXIbus mainframes (CT-100C), 5-slot VXIbus mainframes (CT-310A), and modular 13-slot VXIbus mainframes (CT-400, pictured)


Delta Sigma Company began operations in January of 1990 in Hesperia, California. In July of 1997, we moved to Kennesaw, Georgia to be closer to the F-22 Raptor team. We have over 40 years worth of experience in-house for all kinds of specialized LO (low observables) testing. We have built everything from the antenna to the cal target, radar, data collection & processing software, RF section, pylon elevator, pylon, multi-axis target positioner, target, and motion controls for moving parts in/on the target.

In 2010, the first ProjectionWorks System was installed. We primarily focus on developing complex automated systems to replace manual aircraft manufacturing stations and eliminate bottlenecks in station cycle time. We understand machine vision, lasers, servos, precision motion control, and dozens of other technologies that can be applied to aircraft manufacturing. At DSC, we engineer all of our own designs and software and build all of our machines in-house from the ground up, resulting in a fully 100% custom automation solution for the customer.

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ProjectionWorks, a DeltaSigma Company

2125 Barrett Park Dr.


Kennesaw, GA 30144

Phone: 770-575-5100

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