Seagate - Nytro 3000 SSD series

Seagate - Nytro 3000 SSD series
  • Dual-port 12Gb/s SAS interface for the highest level of enterprise reliability, availability, and scalability
  • Industry-leading storage density range up to 15TB in a 2.5-inch form factor
  • Ultra-fast performance of up to 240K IOPS and 2.1GB/s that saturates both 12Gb/s links
  • Endurance options to match a wide range of enterprise workloads
  • Enhanced enterprise reliability, data protection, and data security


The Nytro SAS SSD series of high-capacity, high-performance SAS SSDs offers a large set of configurations designed for optimal match to application and maximum TCO savings. Built with the Seagate security model that provides the ultimate data-at-rest protection for demanding enterprise applications.

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Seagate - Nytro 3031 SAS SSD Series
  • Industry-leading hardware-based data encryption
  • Dual-port 12Gb/s SAS interface
  • Broad selection of endurance and capacity options including 15TB
  • Ultra-fast performance of up to 2200MB/s

Seagate - Nytro® 1000 SSD Series with DURAWRITE
  • SATA 6Gb/s interface for easy deployment
  • Seagate DuraWrite™ lossless data reduction technology
  • Tunable capacity for performanceor capacity-optimized SSD solutions
  • Seagate Secure options
  • Power loss data protection circuit
  • Enterprise-class reliability with 2Mhr. MTBF and a 5-year limited warranty

Seagate - Nytro® 5000 NVMe SSD Series
  • PCIe Gen3 ×4 interface with NVMe protocol
  • Up to 35,000 IOPS/W performance
  • Industry-leading density of up to 1.92TB in 2.5-inch and M.2 form factors
  • Host-selectable power optimization
  • Multiple namespace support for greater deployment flexibility

Seagate - Nytro X 2U24 all-flash array (AFA) system
  • Deliver unfettered data access with extremely low 250 microsecond latency. 2
  • Ensure data is consistently available with next-gen Seagate ADAPT data protection for up to 95% faster rebuilds than traditional RAID configurations
  • Easily upgrade capacity and speed with hot-swappable Seagate SSDs
  • Save time with quick 5-step setup and low maintenance support design
  • Rely on factory-tested components that are qualified before delivery

Seagate - Nytro E 2U24 high-performance, exceptional-capacity platform
  • Save space with up to 24 SSDs in a 2U rackmount enclosure
  • Simplify overall product portfolio with this unique storage building block
  • Safeguard data with intelligent fault diagnosis, resolution capabilities, persistent error logging, and monitoring
  • Deliver data fast using Seagate SSDs
  • Ensure data is available with N+1 PCMs, I/O modules, and dual data paths to all drives
  • Maximum of 28.8GB/s in a dual controller configuration

PowerGridm - 3000 VA – 2400 Watts Standalone / Tactical UPS
  • Ruggedized 2U 2400 Watts / 3000 VA UPS weighing in at 50 Lbs.
  • Available in 1/2/3 phase input power configurations.
  • Stack and Interconnect Design for 2400/4800/7200/9600 watt configurations.
  • Hot Swap Battery Modules @ 12 Lbs Each – 12+ Min Hold Time.
  • Universal AC Input of 100-264 VAC and from 47 – 63, 400 Hz, and DC Input at 42 – 56 VDC.
  • VAC Output Voltage of 120V 60 Hz / 230V 50 Hz.
  • Dual Computer Controlled Inverter Design.
  • SNMP Based Network for Power Management and Reporting.
  • Over Voltage Capacity for Managed In-Rush and Start up Demands.
  • Over Voltage and Over Temperature Protection Circuits.
  • Lightning Protection with Common Safety Ground Connection.

Teledyne LeCroy - WaveSurfer 3000 200MHz-750MHz Oscilloscopes
  • 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz and 750 MHz bandwidths
  • Up to 4 GS/s sample rate
  • Long Memory - up to 10 Mpts/Ch
  • 10.1" touch screen display
  • MAUI - Advanced User Interface
  • Advanced Anomaly Detection
  • Capture, Debug, Analyze, Document
  • Multi-Instrument Capabilities
  • Future Proof

Seagate - Exos 5E8 Hard Drive
Made for data archiving, Exos 5E8 enables highly-affordable cloud storage with data center reliability.*
  • Up to 8TB capacity, SATA interface
  • Engineered for 24×7 operation and 180TB/yr workload
  • Perfect fit for workloads focused on sequential writes
*Formerly Archive HDD

Seagate - Exos 7E2 Hard Drive
1TB and 2TB, 3.5-inch Exos 7E2 series enterprise drives are industry-leading hard drives with ninth-generation nearline technology.*
  • SATA 6Gb/s interface (512 native) for easy integration into 512 native legacy systems
  • Engineered for reliable 24×7 unstructured data workloads of 550TB/yr
  • Industry-leading rotational vibration for consistent performance in multi-drive systems
  • On-demand PowerChoice™ feature enables lower power options 
* Formerly Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD, version 5.1