Seagate - Nytro 3031 SAS SSD Series

Seagate - Nytro 3031 SAS SSD Series
  • Industry-leading hardware-based data encryption
  • Dual-port 12Gb/s SAS interface
  • Broad selection of endurance and capacity options including 15TB
  • Ultra-fast performance of up to 2200MB/s


The Seagate® Nytro® 3031 SAS SSD Series delivers high performance, industryleading security features, and a broad selection of capacity and endurance offerings optimized for demanding enterprise applications and improved TCO.

Enhanced Reliability, Data Protection, and Security

Seagate has decades of enterprise SAS expertise in mission-critical applications. The Nytro 3031 SSD Series helps deliver exceptional data protection and reliability with full internal and external data path protection (T10 DIF), advanced ECC algorithms, media lifecycle management, and other techniques for extending flash memory life. Advanced power-loss data protection helps maintain data integrity in the event of unexpected power interruptions. Advanced security levels to prevent unauthorized access to an SSD and safeguard stored data include Seagate Downloads & Diagnostics, TCG-compliant self-encrypting drive and government-grade FIPS/Common Criteria tamper-resistent drive. 1

Consistent Performance up to 2200MB/s

The Nytro 3031 SSD Series delivers ultra-fast, consistent, and easily scalable performance that saturates dual 12Gb/s SAS bandwidth, providing an effective 24Gb/s interface with dual-port dynamic configurations. By removing the storage bottleneck, overall system and application responsiveness is significantly improved.

High-Capacity Solution With Multiple Endurance Offerings

Enterprise applications have different storage workload requirements. Databases or virtualization with a typically mixed read/write workload require the highest random read/write IOPS, ultra-low latency, and high endurance. Content streaming applications demand high sequential read throughput and high storage density at the lowest cost per gigabyte. The Nytro 3031 SSD Series offers a range of capacities up to 15TB in a 2.5-inch form factor to increase enterprise storage density in data centers. It also enables lower TCO by offering endurance categories to match cost and performance requirements of all enterprise workloads.

1 Self-encrypting drives (SED) are not available in all models or countries. May require TCG-compliant host or controller support.

More Product Information

Seagate - Nytro 3000 SSD series
  • Dual-port 12Gb/s SAS interface for the highest level of enterprise reliability, availability, and scalability
  • Industry-leading storage density range up to 15TB in a 2.5-inch form factor
  • Ultra-fast performance of up to 240K IOPS and 2.1GB/s that saturates both 12Gb/s links
  • Endurance options to match a wide range of enterprise workloads
  • Enhanced enterprise reliability, data protection, and data security

Seagate - Nytro® 1000 SSD Series with DURAWRITE
  • SATA 6Gb/s interface for easy deployment
  • Seagate DuraWrite™ lossless data reduction technology
  • Tunable capacity for performanceor capacity-optimized SSD solutions
  • Seagate Secure options
  • Power loss data protection circuit
  • Enterprise-class reliability with 2Mhr. MTBF and a 5-year limited warranty

Seagate - Nytro® 5000 NVMe SSD Series
  • PCIe Gen3 ×4 interface with NVMe protocol
  • Up to 35,000 IOPS/W performance
  • Industry-leading density of up to 1.92TB in 2.5-inch and M.2 form factors
  • Host-selectable power optimization
  • Multiple namespace support for greater deployment flexibility

Seagate - Nytro X 2U24 all-flash array (AFA) system
  • Deliver unfettered data access with extremely low 250 microsecond latency. 2
  • Ensure data is consistently available with next-gen Seagate ADAPT data protection for up to 95% faster rebuilds than traditional RAID configurations
  • Easily upgrade capacity and speed with hot-swappable Seagate SSDs
  • Save time with quick 5-step setup and low maintenance support design
  • Rely on factory-tested components that are qualified before delivery

Seagate - Nytro E 2U24 high-performance, exceptional-capacity platform
  • Save space with up to 24 SSDs in a 2U rackmount enclosure
  • Simplify overall product portfolio with this unique storage building block
  • Safeguard data with intelligent fault diagnosis, resolution capabilities, persistent error logging, and monitoring
  • Deliver data fast using Seagate SSDs
  • Ensure data is available with N+1 PCMs, I/O modules, and dual data paths to all drives
  • Maximum of 28.8GB/s in a dual controller configuration

Seagate - Exos 5E8 Hard Drive
Made for data archiving, Exos 5E8 enables highly-affordable cloud storage with data center reliability.*
  • Up to 8TB capacity, SATA interface
  • Engineered for 24×7 operation and 180TB/yr workload
  • Perfect fit for workloads focused on sequential writes
*Formerly Archive HDD

Seagate - Exos 7E2 Hard Drive
1TB and 2TB, 3.5-inch Exos 7E2 series enterprise drives are industry-leading hard drives with ninth-generation nearline technology.*
  • SATA 6Gb/s interface (512 native) for easy integration into 512 native legacy systems
  • Engineered for reliable 24×7 unstructured data workloads of 550TB/yr
  • Industry-leading rotational vibration for consistent performance in multi-drive systems
  • On-demand PowerChoice™ feature enables lower power options 
* Formerly Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD, version 5.1

Seagate - Exos 7E8 Hard Drive
Quickly access and store bulk-data with field-proven ninth-generation technology and dependably fast random performance in a standard and familiar 3.5-inch footprint.*
  • Up to 8TB capacity, SAS or SATA interface
  • Easy integration into replicated or RAID bulk storage systems
  • Supports enterprise-class nearline workloads of up 550TB/yr
  • Advanced Write Cache translates into the industry's best response times and the fastest data transfers
  • Seagate Secure™ capabilities ensure authentic and trusted products from a secure supply chain, available with hardware-based encryption (SED), Instant Secure Erase (ISE), TAA compliance and FIPS 140-2.
*Exos 7E8 is formerly known as Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD, version 5.0

Seagate - Exos X10 Hard Drive
  • Industry's lowest power and weight for optimum data center TCO
  • 2.5M- Hr MTBF, 5-year limited warranty and supports both 12Gb/s SAS, 6/Gbs SATA
  • PowerBalance™ feature optimizes IOPS/watt
  • Helium sealed-drive design with no porosity and uniform density