Teradyne ZT-Series Oscilloscopes and Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Teradyne ZT-Series Oscilloscopes and Arbitrary Waveform Generators
  • Supports PXI, VXI & LXI platforms and up to 4 channels per instrument
  • Sample rates to 4 GS/s and up to 14 bit resolution
  • Wide Bandwidth up to 1 GHz
  • On-board signal processing
  • Compatible with third-party tools, such as, LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI
  • Benchtop like Graphical User Interface


Teradyne develops and supports Modular Digitizers, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, and Waveform Generators under the ZT-Series brand. Teradyne’s ZT-Series works to solve the test and measurement challenges of various end markets such as Defense and Aerospace, Semiconductor Test, High Energy Physics Applications, Industrial Control and Automotive Test.

The ZT-Series modular digital oscilloscopes and waveform generators provide superior performance and support industry standards for easy integration into automated test systems. Its powerful hardware is complemented by its flexible software and Graphical User Interface (GUI) to enhance the instrument’s capabilities for new and legacy test requirements. The instrument’s on-board signal processing and measurement suite speeds up data acquisition and analysis. The instruments are available in PXI, LXI, and VXI.


  • Automated Testing of Electronics and Radars
  • High Speed Test Applications
  • High Energy Physics Applications
  • Multi-Channel Measurements
  • Replacement alternatives for legacy instruments used on Military ATEs


  • High density form factor lowers overall system size and cost
  • Platform flexibility promotes integration with various designs and chassis
  • On-board processing speeds up data acquisition and analysis
  • Best-in-class service, calibration, and repair; continuous support throughout product lifecycle

More Product Information

Teledyne LeCroy - WaveStation 2000/3000 Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators
  • High performance with 14-bit resolution, up to 500 MS/s sample rate and up to 512 kpts memory
  • 2 channels on all models
  • Large color display for easy waveform preview
  • Over 40 built-in arbitrary waveforms
  • Linear & Logarithmic sweeps and burst operation
  • USB and GPIB connectivity
  • Graphical Waveform editing software for PC

Yokogawa - DLM4000 8 Channel MSO Series 350MHz-500MHz Oscilloscopes
  • The DLM4000 is a unique to the industry eight-channel mixed-signal oscilloscope suitable to test and debugging applications in the embedded systems, power electronics, mechatronics, and automotive sectors.
  • Available in both 350 MHz and 500 MHz models, the 2.5 GSa/sec DLM4000 features eight analog input channels.
  • The eighth input channel features Flex MSO which converts to a 8-bit logic analyzer at the push of a button; add sixteen additional logic analyzer inputs as an option, for 24-bit logic analysis.
  • Advanced measurement and analysis features such as power analysis and serial-bus analysis, digital filtering, user-defined math, and super-long record lengths (up to 250 Mega Points) make the DLM4000 a super powerful engineering tool.
  • High-resolution 12.1-inch LCD display, compact landscape format, ergonomic and friendly user-interface make it easy to use.

Yokogawa - FG400 Isolated Arbitrary/Function Generator
  • FG410: 1 channel. FG420: 2 channel
  • Output waveforms: Sine, Square, Pulse, Ramp, Parameter-variable waveform, noise, DC, and Arbitrary waveforms
  • Frequency range: Sine wave 0.01 µHz to 30 MHz
  • Amplitude resolution: 16 bits
  • Sampling rate: 120 MS/s
  • Output: 0 to 20 Volts, peak-to-peak
  • Synchronize up to 6 units to provide up to 12 output channels
  • GPIB and USB Interface
  • Generate waveforms acquired by Yokogawa's ScopeCorder and DL Series Oscilloscopes with XviewerLITE software
  • Warranty period for this instrument is 3-years

VTI Instruments - EMX-1434 204.8 kSa/s Smart PXIe Arb. Waveform Source, with 2-Ch Tach and 4-Ch DIO
  • 4-Channel, 204.8 kSa/s/channel, 24-Bit DACs
  • -115 dB spurious free dynamic range
  • Integrated 2-Channel 64-bit tachometer
  • Integrated 4-Channel DIO
  • Tight synchronization with DSA analyzers
  • Ideal for rotational measurement, and stimulus-response applications such as vibration test
  • Output modes including Sine, Burst Sine, Chirp, Burst-random and continuous random

Teledyne LeCroy - WaveMaster / SDA / DDA 8 Zi-B Oscilloscopes 4 GHz–30 GHz
  • Up to 30 GHz bandwidth and 80 GS/s sample rate
  • Most advanced oscilloscope user interface makes configuring complex measurements easy
  • The industry’s only true hardware 14.1 Gb/s serial pattern trigger
  • Add the Teledyne LeCroy HDA125 High-speed Digital Analyzer to create the most powerful, flexible mixed-signal test solution available
  • Low Jitter Measurement Floor and exceptional timebase stability
  • Comprehensive set of serial data analysis, debug, validation and compliance tools
  • Integrated 50 Ω and 1 MΩ inputs for true connection and probing flexibility
  • Integrated standard and custom measurements and math functions for unrivaled analysis capability
  • Multi-lane serial data eye, jitter and crosstalk analysis

Teledyne LeCroy - WaveSurfer 3000z 100 MHz - 1 GHz Oscilloscopes
  • 100 MHz, 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz and 1 GHz bandwidths
  • Up to 4 GS/s sample rate
  • Long Memory – up to 20 Mpts
  • 10.1” capacitive touch screen display
  • 16 Digital Channel MSO option
  • MAUI - Most Advanced User Interface
    • Designed for Touch
    • Built for Simplicity
    • Made to Solve
  • Advanced Anomaly Detection
    • Fast Waveform Update
    • History Mode - Waveform Playback
    • WaveScan - Search and Find
  • Multi-Instrument Capabilities
    • Protocol Analysis - Serial Trigger and Decode
    • Waveform Generation - Built-in Function Generator
    • Digital Voltmeter and Frequency Counter
  • Future Proof
    • Upgradeable Bandwidth
    • Field Upgradable Software and Hardware Options

Teledyne LeCroy - WaveRunner 9000 Oscilloscopes
  • 500 MHz - 4 GHz bandwidths
  • Up to 40 GS/s sample rate
  • MAUI with OneTouch
  • Powerful, Deep Toolbox
  • Exceptional Serial Data Tools
  • 16 digital channels with 1.25 GS/s
  • Huge Applied Offset Range
  • Optional Application Packages

Yokogawa - DLM3000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
  • 8.4-inch XGA LCD & Capacitive touchscreen
  • Vertical Position and Scale Knob
  • Horizontal Position and Scale Knob
  • Trigger Control Keys and Level Knob
  • Dedicated Zoom Keys
  • Logic input connector
  • USB peripheral connection terminal
  • Job Shuttle and Rotary Knob
  • Four-Direction Selector Button Select key moves the cursor up/down/left/right

Teledyne LeCroy - LabMaster 9 Zi-A Oscilloscopes 13GHz-45GHz
  • Up to 45 GHz
  • Up to 80 Channels @ 20 GHz
  • Up to 120 GS/s
  • Up to 768 Mpts/Ch

LabMaster 9 Zi-A modular oscilloscope systems completely re-define oscilloscope performance and capabilities.

  • Multi-channel operation at the highest bandwidths
    • 20 channels @ 45 GHz
    • 40 channels @ 36 GHz
    • 80 channels @ 20, 16, or 13 GHz
  • Bandwidth and channel upgrade flexibility
  • ChannelSync for precise synchronization of all acquisition modules
  • Server-class CPU (33.6 GHz effective clock rate, up to 192 GB RAM)
  • Ultra-low jitter noise floor (125 fs rms) and ultra-high time base stability.