VTI Instruments - CMX09 9-slot PXIe High Performance rugged 4U chassis up to 8GB/s bandwidth

VTI Instruments - CMX09 9-slot PXIe High Performance rugged 4U chassis up to 8GB/s bandwidth
  • 9-slot PXI Express chassis with 1 system controller slot, 6 peripheral slots, 1 hybrid slot and 1 timing slot
  • High bandwidth PCIe Gen 2 backplane with 2 GB/s slot bandwidth and 8 GB/s system bandwidth
  • Combine with EMX-2500 LXI controller for Ethernet connectivity and distributability in the EMX09
  • True 4U chassis
  • Rugged construction with extended temperature range
  • Smart switch display for health monitoring and control
  • First PXI Multicomputing (PXImc) ready chassis
  • Rack mount, custom front panels, and bolt-down option available


The CMX09 is a 9-slot PXI Express mainframe with 1 system controller slot, 6 PXIe Peripheral slots, 1 PXIe hybrid slot and 1 PXIe timing slot.

Best in class Bandwidth

The CMX09 uses a 4-lane Gen 2 PCIe backplane to achieve unmatched data rates of up to 2 GB/s per slotand 8 GB/s system.

Advanced PCIe Switch Fabric

The CMX09's advanced switch fabric uses innovative methods including non-transparent bridging (NTB) and partitionable switch architecture to allow slot-to-slot direct communication and true multi-root support. The slot-to-slot direct communication capability combined with true multi-root support allows the CMX09 to be the first and only PXImc (PXI MultiComputing) ready mainframe in the industry.

IEEE-1588 Distribution

When used with the EMX-2500 Gigabit Ethernet LXI controller, the CMX09 allows timestamping of data from all plugin modules on a common time-base for advanced timing and synchronization. In addition, it also provides the capability to synchronize PXI systems with LXI instruments.

System Monitoring for Simplified Maintenance

The CMX09 has a smart-switch display on the front panel which reports the chassis status/health and can also be used to control chassis fan speed.

Rugged Design

The CMX09s rugged, compact and light-weight design makes it ideal for portable applications. The CMX09 is available with optional handles which makes it convenient to lift and move. There are no air-holes on the front and top of the chassis, which protects the instruments from spills when used in industrial environments. For in-vehicle or on-floor applications, the CMX09 comes with a bolt-down option that allows the mainframe to be mounted on a surface.

More Product Information

VTI Instruments - CMX18 18-Slot 3U PXI Express Chassis
  • 18-slot PXI Express chassis with 1 system controller slot, 6 peripheral slots, 10 hybrid slots, and 1 timing slot
  • High bandwidth PCIe Gen 2 backplane with 2 GB/s bandwidth per slot (4 GB/s on high-bandwidth slots) and 8 GB/s system bandwidth
  • Rugged construction with extended temperature range
  • True 4U chassis
  • IEEE-1588 distributed instrument synchronization
  • Built-in system-monitoring provides confidence in system operation and simplifies debugging

VTI Instruments - SMX-4410 - high-density PXIe matrix module
  • Quad (4x10) or Dual (4x20) or Single (4x40) 2-wire configuration
  • Can be even configured as Dual (8x10) or Single (8x10)
  • Switch up to 300V, 2A - highest at this density in its class
  • Highest-performance matrix in its class - >30 MHz bandwidth, unmatched signal integrity
  • Extensive signal shielding employed on PCBs for excellent signal fidelity
  • Embedded Self-test mechanism that can be used to determine relay health.

Abaco - VPX167 3U VPX Modular Platform for Aircraft Pods, Up to 7-slot solution for High Performance Critical Applications
  • 3U 7-slot VPX embedded System using FlexVPX backplanes
  • High Speed External Digital Communication using 10Gb or 1Gb Ethernet
  • High Speed inter-slot communication using PCIe
  • Ruggedized, conduction cooled enclosure designed to perform in harsh military environments.

Abaco - PCIe490 8-slot PCI Express Gen 2 FPGA I/O Expansion Chassis
  • 8-Slot PCI Express Gen 2
  • PCIe x16 Host Datalink
  • 750W ATX Power Supply
  • x4 PCIe Lanes Per Slot
  • Rack Mount Ready
  • Isolated Temperature Environment
  • Chassis Daisy Chain Enabled

VTI Instruments - EMX-2500 Gigabit Ethernet LXI Controller for EMX Series PXIe Instruments
  • Industry's first gigabit Ethernet LXI Remote controller for PXI Express
  • Up to 100 MB/s sustained throughput
  • Allows remote access to VTI's SentinelEX PXIe instruments from anywhere in the world on any internet enabled device
  • Multi-chassis synchronization using precision IEEE-1588-2008 standard time source
  • Easy to set up for distributed data acquisition systems
  • Simplified instrument discovery and usage – just type in the IP address to connect to the instrument
  • IVI drivers supporting wide variety of Application Development Environments and Operating Systems
  • REST HTTP protocol for cloud support and advanced web applications

VTI Instruments - EX72SF DC-40 GHz High Performance Modular Microwave Switch (2U)
  • Combine up to 6 SPDT and 6 multiport high-performance building blocks in a 2U footprint
  • Extended life and self-terminating options provide maximum design flexibility
  • Embedded web interface provides interactive utility to monitor and control relays from anywhere in the world
  • Flexible API supports IVI and Linux development environments minimizing software investment
  • LXI Trigger Event implementation provides seamless test synchronization with external devices

Abaco - MAGIC1A High Performance Rugged Computer with Intel Xeon E Processor and NVIDIA Quadro GPU
  • 3U VPX-based LRU
  • Qualified for harsh environments
    • MIL-STD-810H
    • MIL-STD-461G
    • With Hold-UP ~50mS
  • Baseplate- or forced-air cooling
  • Intel Xeon E3-1505M v6 CPU
    • 16 GB DDR4 SDRAM with ECC
    • 64 GB NAND Flash
    • Trusted Platform Module
    • 8 PCIe (Gen 3) lanes to GPU
  • NVIDIA Quadro P2000 GPU
    • 128-bit memory width
    • 96GB/s memory bandwidth
    • 768 CUDA cores
    • 2.3 TFLOPs peak performance
    • NVIDIA GPU Direct™ DMA
  • Removable SSD
    • Up to 8 Terabytes storage
  • Fast purge capability
  • MIL-STD-1553 interface
  • ARINC 429 avionics interface
  • MAGIC1 Compatible Variant
  • Linux and Windows software support
  • AXIS software support

VTI Instruments - EMX-4008/4016 High-Performance Breakout Boxes for EMX-425x
  •  Designed to work with EMX-4251/EMX-4250
  • LED Channel Health Indicator
  • BNC Connections for signals
  • External Trigger Connector
  • External Calibration Input Connector
  • Rack mountable

California Instruments - Asterion AC Series - 1U/2U/4U High Performance Programmable AC and DC Power Sources
  • High power density in 1U/2U chassis up to 3kVA.
  • Intuitive touch panel control.
  • iX2™ current doubling technology.
  • Multi-language for global operation.
  • Auto paralleling for higher power.
  • Combine units for multi-phase configurations.
  • Complete optional avionic test suites.
  • ATE version available.

VTI Instruments

AMETEK's VTI Instruments products and systems are used to monitor and record data that characterizes the physical integrity and performance of aircraft, engines, and other large structures, as well as automate the functional testing of complex electronic systems. The VTI Instruments brand is recognized as an industry leader with a reputation of providing reliable data, first time, every time. A sustained focus on innovation and technology enables customers to optimize their capital investment through product longevity, while ensuring unmatched measurement integrity and data reliability.

VTI has customers in over 30 different countries and in a wide variety of industries including aerospace, defense, power generation, automotive and consumer electronics. The Company’s products are used in applications ranging from wing test on Boeing 787 to production test for cell phones.

Contact Details

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Model Description
CMX09 9-Slot 3U PXI Express Chassis, up to 8 GB/s
CMX18 18-Slot 3U PXI Express Chassis, up to 8 GB/s
CMX34 Integrated PXIe/LXI subsystem with receiver interface mechanism

Model Description
EMX-2500 Gigabit Ethernet System Controller for PXIe Mainframes
EMX-2401 Intel Core i5 2.4 GHz, 8GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive, PXIe embedded controller
PXIe-PCIe8361 1 lane Gen 1 PCIe host w/3m copper cable, 200MB/s thru-put
PXIe-PCIe8381 PCI Express (x8 Gen 2) Control of PXI Express, 3.2 GB/s Practical Throughput
PXIe-PCIe8388 PCI Express (x16 Gen 2) Control of PXI Express, 5.6 GB/s Practical Throughput
PXIe-6674T PXI Express Timing and multichassis synchronization module

Model Description
EMX-4350 625 kSa/s DSA Instr., 4 Ind. Diff. Ch., 24-bit Digitizer
EMX-4380 625 kSa/s DSA Instr., 4 Ind. Diff. Ch., 24-bit Digitizer, w/ charge inputs
EMX-4250 204.8 kSa/s DSA Instr., 16 Ind. Ch., 24-bit Digitizer
EMX-4251 204.8 kSa/s DSA Instr., 8 Ind. Ch, 24-bit Digitizer
EMX-4016 16 channel, rackmount breakout box for use with EMX-4250
EMX-4008 8 channel breakout box for use with EMX-4251
PXI-2005 4-CH, 500KS/s Simultaneous A/D Multi-function PXI-H Module
PXI-2010 4-CH, 2MS/s Simultaneous A/D Multi-function PXI-H Module
PXI-2022 16-CH 16-Bit 250 KS/s Simultaneous Sampling, PXI-H Module
PXI-2204 64-CH, 3MS/s 12-bit Multi-function PXI-H Module
PXI-2205 64-CH, 500KS/s 16-bit Multi-function PXI-H Module
PXI-9846D High Resolution PXI-H Digitizer, 4CH 16-bit 40MS/s with 512MB SDRAM
PXIe-9848 8-CH 14-Bit 100MS/s High Speed PXI Express Digitizer

Switch Cards
Model Description
SMX-2002 10 channel, 16 A SPDT switch
SMX-3276 152 channel, 300 V/2A Multiplexer
SMX-4410 160 crosspoint, four (4x10)s, 300V/2A Matrix
SMX-5001 80 ch 300 V/2 A SPST switch
SMX-6301 Four SP4T multiplexer tree, 3 GHz
SMX-6301T Four SP4T multiplexer tree, 3 GHz w/ 50ohm Termination
SMX-7121 1-slot microwave switch, single SPDT, 26.5 GHz
SMX-7122 1-slot microwave switch, dual SPDT, 26.5 GHz
SMX-7200 Pass through adapter, 6 drive lines

Waveform Generators
Model Description
EMX-1434 204.8 kSa/s Arb. Waveform Source, 4 Ind. Ch., Integr. Tach.
PXI-2502 8-CH, 1MS/s analog output multi-function PXI-H Module

Model Description
M9183A PXI-H Digital Multimeter, 6½ digit, Enhanced Performance

Communication Buses
Model Description
PXI-C429-4 4 Channel ARINC-429 on PXI-H
PXI-C429-8 8 Channel ARINC-429 on PXI-H
PXI-C429-16 16 Channel ARINC-429 on PXI-H
PXI-C429-32 32 Channel ARINC-429 on PXI-H
PXI-C1553-1 Single 1553 Channel on C-size PXI-H
PXI-C1553-2 Dual 1553 Channel on C-size PXI-H
PXI-C1553-4 Quad 1553 Channel on C-size PXI-H

Line Cards: