Weiss Technik - Endurance® Series Reach-In Test Chamber

Weiss Technik - Endurance® Series Reach-In Test ChamberWeiss Technik - Endurance® Series Reach-In Test ChamberWeiss Technik - Endurance® Series Reach-In Test ChamberWeiss Technik - Endurance® Series Reach-In Test Chamber
The Endurance® Series from Weiss Technik—the Fast Rate Temperature & Humidity chamber that stands alone. Designed and engineered to give you lasting value, performance and reliability for all your climate testing applications. The intelligent engineered test space design allows for maximum airflow coverage and accurate gradients. Many popular sizes available that allow you to choose the chamber that best fits your needs, while the mobile design allows for greater flexibility. Choose Ramp Rates of 3.0 C/min, 5.0 C/min, 10 C/min, and 15 C/min.

More Product Information

Weiss Technik - Endurance Series PHARMA – Test Chambers for Packaging & Life Science Products
  • Multi-pane heated window
  • Left hand hinged door
  • Two access ports
  • Built-in water reservoir
  • Mobile Design
  • Adjustable leveling casters
  • Heavy duty shelf
  • Single-handed operated door
  • Easy access panel doors
  • Double gasket seal
  • S!MPAC 32-bit measuring & control system touchscreen controller

Weiss Technik - ESS Series Test Chamber
Available in both reach-in or cart-based versions, the ESS Series allows highly accelerated product temperature change rates through high air velocity conditioning. Weiss Technik has developed standard models that feature either our patented horizontal or vertical air flow, as different testing needs dictate that different temperature ranges, as well as change rate capabilities be readily available. Weiss Technik will equip your system with single-stage, cascade, twin-screw, LN2 boost, or LN2 cooled refrigeration systems, as well as the powerful Weiss Technik Controller/Programmer—all standard. By utilizing Quick Draw, we ensure that your product reaches set point as quickly as possible to reduce cycle times. Please review the product features below, as well as additional options and industry applications. Contact us for additional information or to request a quote.

Weiss Technik - SC Series Solar Test Chamber
  • Irradiation unit with high irradiation uniformity (made in Germany)
  • Perfect, environmentally friendly insulation of the testing space
  • Steam-proof design thanks to mechanically welded seams
  • Optimised airflow and temperature distribution
  • Performance-optimised tempering technology and patented climate control system

Weiss Technik - Xceed Custom Series Environmental Test Chamber
The Xceed Custom Reach-In Series is the environmental test chamber from Weiss Technik that gives unlimited options. Designed, engineered, and built to your specifications the Xceed Series offers flexible temperature and humidity ranges, sizes that meet your exact testing requirement and available options that provide unmatched product testing applications.

Weiss Technik - EV Series AGREE Style Chamber
The EV series AGREE style chambers are available in sizes ranging from 12 to 110 cubic feet (340 L to 3114L), and accommodate electro-dynamic and mechanical vibration systems and/or roll-in product carts. The EV series can be used as a test chamber or as a test chamber with vibration tables.
  • Humidity option available
  • Vertical Lift option available
  • Custom sizes also available

Weiss Technik - Solar Climatic Series (SC3) Chamber
  • In combination with the irradiation unit (metal halide lamp and outdoor filter), all four models of 340, 600, 1000 and 3400 liters provide a full-function climate chamber
  • The useable volume of the test chamber has been specifically designed for the examination of material samples and component sections or smaller components
  • The test chamber can be easily opened with one hand
  • The height of the sample carrier can also be varied to ensure optimal irradiation of the various samples

Weiss Technik - ST Dust Test Chamber
  • According to state-of-the-art manufacture the test cabinets are of a modular design and are ready to be installed.
  • The whole system is designed to be used under extreme conditions and guarantees reliable functioning and a long service life.
  • Independent of design and condition of the test specimen a constant dust density is reached due to special high-capacity compressed air nozzles, which leads to reliable test results.

Weiss Technik - SC Walk-In Test Chamber
In addition to the salt spray test chambers of the SC/KWT series, Weiss Technik also offers walk-in salt spray test chambers that allow for the testing of the corrosion behavior of large components.

Weiss Technik - M.C.S Walk-In Test Chamber
  • Faster - shorter delivery times
  • Less expensive - standardized components
  • More flexible - dimple final installation
  • More efficient - top performance data
  • Stability tests
  • Temperature tests in the range – 40 ... + 80 °C
  • Climate tests
  • Temperature and alternating climate tests