Yokogawa - Xviewer (701992) / XviewerLITE Software (Free Software)

Yokogawa - Xviewer (701992) / XviewerLITE Software (Free Software)
Xviewer lets you transfer files between the DL(M) series instruments and a PC, and gives you remote control of the instruments using your PC. Xviewer enables online and offline waveform display, computation, and analysis of data captured using Yokogawa's WE7000 series of PC-based measurement instruments.

Free version, XviewerLITE is also available.

Applicable DL(M) models include: DLM2000, DLM4000, DL850E, DL850EV, SL1000


Xviewer is a PC software application designed to work with Yokogawa DL series digital oscilloscopes and ScopeCorders. It allows you to display acquired waveform data, perform file transfer, and control DL series instruments remotely. In addition to simply displaying the waveform data, Xviewer features many of the same functions that the DL series instruments offer; zoom display, cursor measurements, calculations of waveform parameters, and perform complex waveform math. Using Xviewer binary waveform data can easily be converted to CSV, Excel or Floating Point Decimal fomat.

Additionally, Xviewer can also be used to display and analyze waveform files captured using Yokogawa's  WE7000 or SL1000 high-speed data acquisition hardware.


 Tm 701992 04

Main and Zoom Displays

Tm 701992 05Xviewer's zoom function works in the same manner as that on the DL instruments; displaying the entire waveform and a zoomed subset of the waveform simultaneously. The waveform can be horizontally and vertically zoomed. Even large amounts of waveform data (More than 2GP with the DL850) can be viewed quickly. The zoom window can be automatically scrolled (with variable direction and speed).



Tm 701992 06     Tm 701992 07

Comments can be added as needed, in any position, on the waveform viewer window. All comments, plus the waveform(s) can be printed as displayed.


  History memory display

Using the DL series instrument's history memory, you can arrange and display thumbnails of multiple acquired waveforms. The selected waveforms are expanded and displayed in the Main screen; multiple waveforms can also be superimposed.

Tm 701992 08


Using cursors, you can display the measured values at the points where the cursors intersect the waveform. There are three types of cursors available: horizontal, vertical, and X-Y. If two cursors are displayed, the difference between the them can be calculated and displayed. Tm 701992 09

Waveform computation (available only with Math Edition)

Up to 32 math waveforms based on the displayed waveform data can be calculated and displayed. In addition to simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, user-defined equations can be created using a large number of functions including: trigonometry, differentiation/integration, pulse width computation, and six types of FFT calculations. FFT analysis using up to 2M data points can be performed, and a wide variety of functions are available for frequency domain calculations such as power spectrum and transfer functions (amplitude and phase). Digital filtering (low pass, high pass, band pass) calculations for noise rejection and other applications are also included.

Tm 701992 10

FFT Display

Tm 701992 11Frequency domain waveforms are displayed in a dedicated FFT viewer window.


Automated waveform parameter measurements

Tm 701992 12

  • Parameters (characteristics) of the displayed waveforms can be automatically calculated and displayed. Up to twenty-six parameters can be selected. Calculation of the selected parameters is performed automatically and the measured results are displayed in a list (as shown on the left).

    The results of these calculations can be saved in a CSV file.

    Cycle Statistics and History Statistics functions, which are both available in DL series instruments, can also be available in Xviewer when the software version is 1.70 or later. A histogram of statistical result(s) can be displayed as well. The statistical result(s) can be saved in a .csv file.

Tm 701992 15

Data conversion

Waveform data files in binary format (useful for data transfer because of their smaller size) can be converted to ASCII, Excel or Floating Point Decimal format and then opened using a spreadsheet program.

Tm 701992 13


Making a report

  • A report can be made using displayed waveforms, cursor values, parameter measurement results and any text data. Five(5) kinds of report files (samples) are provided by default. These samples can be edited freely, or you can arrange your-original report as well. 

                   Tm 701992 14

Remote Instrument Control

Tm 701992 02

Xviewer supports Ethernet, USB and GP-IB interfaces, allowing you to control DL series* instruments using the PC on which Xviewer is installed. A virtual image of the screen and front panel of the DL that Xviewer is connected to is displayed on the PC. You can perform operations remotely by using your PC's mouse to "click" keys on the virtual screen as if you were pressing the actual keys on the DL.

* except the DL1700

  File Transfer

Tm 701992 03You can perform file transfers between a DL series * instrument and the PC on which the software is installed, via Ethernet, USB or GP-IB. When you connect with the DL, Xviewer displays a list of files residing on the DL. You can select files from the list for download to the PC.

* except the DL1700

DL850 Advanced Utility (/JS option)

The following option functions are available. This option satisfies your needs for auxiliary functions that the DL850 main unit alone cannot provide.

This option consists of the following tools.

Name Functions
DL850 File Transfer Tool Automatic transfer of data files to a PC during long-duration continuous hard disk recording on the DL850, without stopping recording
DL850 File Utility Processing data files recorded on the DL850 (converting formats, dividing and merging)


  • If an abnormality occurs during a long duration continuous test, you can analyze the saved measured data without having to stop measurement!
  • Easily duplicate critical measured data on the main unit and a PC

DL850 File Utility Major functions (available with a data file recorded by DL850/DL850V)

Function Contents
File merging Multi-number of DL850 data files divided in time or channel order can be merged into a single file.
File dividing A large(long) recorded data file can be divided into multi-small files. It can be equally divided or any portion can be extracted and resaved. It helps you to handle the data file easily.
Converting formats Binary data file(s) recorded by DL850 can be converted into a CSV or floating format which can be imported into MATLAB.

MATLAB is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc. in the United States. 

Xviewer vs XviewerLITE


New Software

Software version update 1.79

More Product Information

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What's New

August 3, 2015
  • Updated software version to 6.42

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  • Minimize rework
  • Accurately masking projected lines requires less skill than current tracing method
  • Increase complexity of paint schemes without increasing time spent or requiring master painters
  • Standardize workforce and results across multiple locations