How to Sustain your Automated Test System

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How to Sustain your Automated Test System

Automated Test Systems
Signal Switching

When a relay fails, the test system becomes unreliable leading to a suspension of production. Getting it back up and running becomes the main priority. The first step is to accurately diagnose the fault.

Signal switching is mechanical in most test systems, and as such, is the most likely component of a test system to fail due to normal wear and tear or damage due to the switch specs being exceeded, either accidentally during debug or while testing a faulty DUT.

When a failure occurs, production output can be adversely impacted, and getting a test system quickly back up and running becomes the main priority of the operations team. Costly and time-consuming diagnosis and repair cycles cannot be tolerated.

Fortunately, some methods can be implemented that can shave weeks off typical turn-around times, and even predict failures in advance to allow for better maintenance planning. This video will teach you how to optimize your test system's productivity while minimizing costly downtime.

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