Product Demo: Enclosure Cooling Demonstration & Options

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Product Demo: Enclosure Cooling Demonstration & Options

Sealed Enclosures
Cooling Solutions

As electrical/automation and control systems components become more compact and complex the internal enclosure heat loads are increasing. PLC’s, starters and drives are some of the major generators of heat in an enclosure. There are many challenges in the way we choose to keep the enclosures cool. ACT has developed a series of heat exchangers and air conditioners that are environmentally sealed to cool and protect the internal cabinet components from water, airborne chemical, and particulate contaminants.

Watch now for an in-depth discussion on sealed enclosure cooling technology options. We will discuss both above and below ambient cooling technologies, how they are selected and how they are installed. We will conduct live demonstrations of each ACT sealed enclosure cooling family so you can compare sizes and options. We will encourage questions and discussion as if you were with us, in person, at a trade show!


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