Brandywine NFS-220 Network Ready GPS Time and Frequency Standard

Product Overview:

  • High performance GPS disciplined Time/Frequency standard
  • Ethernet Interface for management and control
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP)
  • Multiple 1PPS outputs with individual delay compensation
  • Multiple Low Phase Noise 10MHz outputs with software programmable level
  • Time Code outputs including Have Quick, IRIG A, IRIG B, IRIG E, IRIG G
  • Sync to GPS or to Have Quick/1PPS per ICD-GPS-060
  • Choice of internal disciplined TCXO, OCXO or Rubidium Oscillator


The NFS-220 is a low cost precision time and frequency standard that uses GPS for use in WI-FI, Wi-Max, satellite communications, telecommunications, and military communications.  This frequency standard is the newest of Brandywine's GPS Synchronizing clocks and utilizes a high performance 16 channel receiver with automatic position-averaging that enables the best use of GPS when operating in a fixed location.  The NFS220 includes 4 low phase noise 10MHz outputs, 4 1PPS outputs with individual 600PS propagation delay compensation, IRIG, Have Quick, and NTP outputs.

The NFS220 is fitted with an internal back up oscillator that is continuously calibrated to GPS using an advanced algorithm, providing optimal frequency control of the oscillator. This ensures that the highest time and frequency accuracy is maintained if no satellites can be tracked, and ensures an ultra stable, low noise frequency reference.

The NFS220 utilizes a high performance 16 channel GPS receiver. An automatic position-averaging feature enables the best use of GPS when operating in a fixed location.
The NFS220 is fitted with an internal back up oscillator that is continuously calibrated to GPS using an advanced algorithm, providing optimal frequency control of the oscillator. This ensures that the highest time and frequency accuracy is maintained if no satellites can be tracked, and ensures an ultra stable, low noise frequency reference.

The basic NFS220 includes a precision OCXO frequency standard, while TCXO and Rubidium oscillators are optionally available to giving a variety of price and performance options. An option with a low noise OCXO phase locked to a rubidium is also available, combining the low noise characteristic with the OCXO with the long-term stability of a rubidium.

The NFS220 provides “at a glance” status indication via front panel LED’s and can be integrated with other management systems using Ethernet and serial ports.

The NFS220 provides simple integration into military platforms by allowing synchronization from Have Quick time code, which is available on military SA-ASM GPS receivers such as the DAGR or PLGR. The NFS220 also generates Have Quick and 1PPS signals compatible with ICD-GPS-060.

The integrated Ethernet interface provides Network Time Protocol (NTP) synchronization of other connected computers.

In addition to NTP, the NFS220 Ethernet interface contains a built in web server that allows the NFS220 to be controlled using a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) allows easy integration of the NFS220 with industry standard network management systems.

The NFS220 provides three 1PPS time mark outputs. A unique feature allows precisely controlled delays to be inserted into these outputs to compensate for cable and other propagation delays. Compensation delay is independent for each output and has
Serial time code outputs are provided to allow time synchronization to be distributed to computers, displays, and other equipment requiring precision time. Two outputs are dedicated to Have Quick time code. Two outputs (one modulated, one DC level shift) may be user selected from IRIG A, IRIG B, IRIG E, IRIG G.

Four low phase noise 10 MHz sine wave outputs from the disciplined oscillator are provided. Signal amplitude is software settable.

All outputs are provided with activity detectors. Loss of any output is indicated by means of a individual front panel alarm LED as well as through the network interface or a discrete alarm output.

NFS220 Specifications  
Satellite Signal GPS L1, 1575.42 MHz
Satellite Code C/A 1.023 MHz
Receiver Type Parallel 16 Channel. All-in view satellites tracked continuously and simultaneously
Warm Start  
Autonomous Start  
Cold Start Requirements Automatic: No input of time or position required
Position Accuracy 2.4 m horizontal, 5 m altitued with respect to WGS84 after 24 hour position averaging
Timing Accuracy (Tracking Satellites) +/- 100ns. Absolute UTC Std. Deviation 15ns (OCXO)
Timing Accuracy (Holdover mode, +/- 5°C)  
1PPS Output  
Connector BNC (2) DB9 (1)
Level 0-5V or 0-10V into 50Ω link selectable by user
On Time Rising Edge
Network Interface  
Interface Type 10BaseT
Protocols TCP/IP, UDP, NTPv3, HTTP, SNMP v1
Serial Interface  
Type RS232 and RS422
Baud Rate 9600,N,8,1
Sine Wave Outputs  
No. of Outputs 4
Connector BNC
Frequency 10MHz
Level 0 -13dBm into 50 ohm Software Settable
Time Code 1 Output (Modulated)
Connector BNC
Code Type IRIG A135, B125, E115, G145 software selected
Control Functions IEEE 1344
Level 3 V p-p into 600 ohm (DCLS)
Time Code 2 Output  
Connector DB9
Code Type IRIG A005, B005, E005, G005
Selection same as modulated code
Levels DC level shift (0-5V)
Time Code 3,4 Output  
Connector BNC (1) DB9 (1)
Code Type Have Quick per ICD-GPS-060
Levels 0-5V
Alarm Status Voltage free relay
Status Indicator LED's Power
  Tracking Satellites
  Valid Time
  Holdover/ 12hr Holdover alarm
  Output Good/Fail (8 leds)
Temperature Instrument: -10 to +50°C
Humidity 95% non condensing
Power 85-265VAC 50/60Hz
Optional 12VDC, 24VDC, -48VDC, 125VDC
Dimensions 19" rack mount
  1.75" (1U) height, 7.5" depth, 17" width, 3.5lb Nom.
Weight 11lb typical
EMC Emmission To EN55022 as EN50024 FCC Part 15B, Class A
EMC Immunity To EN50082-1 as EN61000-4-2 ESD, IEC 801-3 HF Field, IEC 801-4 Burst

More Product Information

  • 16 Channel GPS receiver or ICD-GPS-060 have Quick/1PPS input references
  • High visibility time of year display
  • Choice of disciplined oscillator
  • High Stability time and frequency outputs. 1U 19" rack mount
  • Network Interface for remote management and NTP server
  • Three 1PPS outputs with propagation delay compensation
  • Multiple time code outputs (IRIG B, A, E, G)
  • Four 10 MHz Sinewave outputs
  • Have quick time code
  • Advanced oscillator control algorithm

  • High stability OCXO or rudibium oscillator
  • 6 individually buffered outputs
  • Low phase noise outputs buffers

  • Allan deviation σ(τ) = 2.7x10-11 T-1/2 for long life version and σ(τ) = 8.5x10-12 T-1/2 for high performance version
  • Front or Rear access connectors
  • 3U high (133mm / 5.24'') — less than 200mm depth, compatible with ETSI and 19'' standards
  • Accuracy better than ±1x10-12 / ±5x10-13 for high performance version
  • 10 MHz low noise direct output
  • Programmable 1 / 5 / 10 MHz TTL output
  • 10 years warranty on cesium tube (3 years for high performance version)
  • Redundant DC power supply inputs
  • Remote control and monitoring via RS232 (fully manageable locally and remotely using SyncView Plus management system

  • Modular Timing System
  • Flexible
  • Upgradeable
  • Redundant
  • Hot Swappable Modules
  • High Accuracy
  • Network-Centric
  • Rugged
  • Environmentally Qualified
  • Automatic Propagation Delay Compensation
  • Flexible input reference – GPS, Have Quick, IRIG B

  • Uses Network Time Server to synchronize computers and other devices
  • Programmable serial message compatible with almost any time display
  • Browser based user interface for easy setup
  • Compact size and low cost
  • IRIG B input reference
  • LED colons indicate GPS lock status

  • Frequency and time outputs
  • Low phase noise frequency output
  • 1PPS output
  • Hitless fequency switching 

  • Delivers highly economic end-to-end frequency synchronization
  • Frequency accuracy better than 10ppb possible using Giga bit switches
  • Precision timing circuits ensure stability in event of synchronization signal interruption
  • Client system time accuracy better than 1 microsecond using Giga bit switches
  • Configuration and alarm reporting capabilities using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • Time of Day (TOD) is provided for support of legacy equipment using IRIG B and RS232

  • Network Enabled Distribution Amplifier
  • Low Phase Noise Reference Frequency Outputs
  • Fault Alarm Output
  • 1U 19" Rack Mount
  • Frequency Synthesizer Option
  • Hitless Switching of Reference
  • Programmable Amplitude
  • Propagation Delay Compensation

  • GSP disciplined atomic clock
  • Network time server
  • Dual redundant version available
  • Complete remote network control using standard web browser
  • SA-ASM GPS Receiver
  • 10MHz, 1PPS, Irig-B, serial and time codes
  • Timing accuracy < 40ns rms to UTC 

Brandywine Communications

Brandywine Communications is the premier supplier of ultra-precise GPS and time code based Time and Frequency products. Offering next generation solutions for telecom, government/ aerospace & defense, power utilities, and public safety, Brandywine has a solution for your critical timing need.

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Our product list include Frequency Standards, GPS Clocks, Network Time Servers and NTP Servers using GPS, plug-in timing cards such as PCI cards for bus level applications, GPS Frequency standards, GPS Master Clocks, Time and Frequency Systems, Time Displays and Time Code equipment.

Brandywine is proud to offer SAASM GPS and cesium clock solutions for military timing applications with products that offer complete master clock solutions and are qualified for airborne, shipboard, and mobile land applications. Our GPS time and frequency standards and our GPS clocks with time code support a wide range of time code formats including IRIG B, IRIG A, IRIG G, and Have Quick. Brandywine is also known for customizing their time and frequency products to give their customers the perfect solution to their timing needs.

Brandywine also has the largest selection of bus timing cards with over 200 options to customize the board to fit your need. Cards such as PCI and VME cards have quick delivery and can be customized with popular options such as IRIG-B and GPS.

Brandywine now offers network solutions, both wireline and wireless telecommunication solutions for this fast paced growing need. Products such at IEEE-1588 PTP Grandmasters and slaves as well as BITS Timing Signal Generators such as the OSA-5548C. Brandywine has joined forces with Oscilloquartz, a world-wide leader in telecom equipment, to offer the latest technology and excellent service for the telecommunications world in the U.S. and Canada.

Brandywine is continuously on the cutting edge of technology and offers the industry's broadest range of solutions for customers requiring precise time and frequency.

Brandywine Classics, a division of Brandywine Communications, applies theirtechnology and creative design to produce striking, reliable, and accurate analog and digital clocks for your every need. These include tower clocks, street clocks, and canister clocks. Brandywine Classics can also upgrade existing analog clocks with today’s technology.  All their time displays offer SNMP management for easy maintenance and use.

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