Single Board Computers, I/O, Avionics Interfaces, Sensor & Signal Processing, MIL-1553, ARINC 429, AFDX Interfaces and Databus Analyzers, High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC), Graphics & Video, Network Communications, Rugged Systems & Solutions
Industry Packs & PMC I/O Modules, cPCI, PCI, VME & VPX I/O Boards
Heat Exchangers, Pipes, Sinks & Speaders, Cold Plates  
Machine Vision Lighting Solutions
Industrial Laser Projection Systems
Firewire, Gigabit Ethernet and Camera Link Cameras 
Front Ends, Modems, Payload Processors, Data Recorders, Launch Site & Satellite Test  
Programmable Precision AC & DC Sources, Loads and Custom Power Solutions lorem ipsum
Video Compression, Time & Frequency Stds, GPS and Board Level Timing Solutions
Spectrum, Digital & Vector Signal Analyzers, Signal Generators and Fast Synthesizers
Rugged COTS Computers, Displays, Switches and Storage Devices
787 SMOT compliant caps and plugs for hydraulic, fuel or DI water lines.  3000 PSI & 5000 PSI fine and extra fine threaded aircraft to JIC adaptors  
Configurable, Single & Multi-Output AC/DC, Medical Grade, LED and Custom Power Supplies    
PCMCIA and PC Express Analog, Camera Link & HD-SDI Frame Grabbers  
VPX, Cpci, VME, Picmg, Board Level Chassis, Integration, and Cabinets
AC Servers, Open Frame, Wall Mounted Equipment Cabinets, Racks and Consoles  
GET’s Specialty is in Legacy Solutions
GPS / GNSS Antennas, Amplifiers, Attenuators, Coax Cables, Filters, Splitters, Repeaters, GPS Military Products
Leading Supplier of Custom and Build To Print Functional Test Solutions
PCMCIA and PC Express Analog, Camera Link & HD-SDI Frame Grabbers
Optical Component Analyzers, Reflectometers, Switches and Tunable Lasers  
Frame Grabbers, Vision Processors, Stand Alone Systems & Software Tools
Machine Vision Optics Solutions


NEO offers a line-up of Power measurement breakout boxes designed for use with Yokogawa's precision power analyzers.  
Multi Channel 10/25/40/100 Gigabit, 1394b, Fibre Channel XMC/PMC & PCIe Cards  
Test & Integration Solutions, Mission Management Systems, Space Systems, Power Components, Support Services
Power Supply Test Systems, AC/DC Electronic Loads and Sources
PXI, PCI, LXI Switching Solutions, Programmable Resistors and Digital I/O  
Custom Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS designs as well as industrial, Military, and Tactical UPS and power management systems
Projection Equipment/Software, Lenses, Gages for Aircraft – military/commercial, fixed/rotary wing, jet/prop, Ships, Submarines, Boats, Heavy Military Land Vehicles, Earth Moving Equipment, Heavy industrial machinery, Trucks, Buses...    
Compact, Light Weight, Ultra Precise, High Torque Servo & Gear Motors  
Large Format, Telecentric and Line Scan Lensing
12bit MSO's 40 Mhz to 100 GHz, Probes, Series Network & Logic Analyzers
Low Power ARM, Intel, NXP and TI Embedded Modules
Data Acquisition, Signal Conditioning, Switching, Modular Instruments & VXI Mainframes
SMU's, Power Analyzers, Data Acquisition Systems, Scopecorders, Compact Switches, OTDR's, OSA's, & Digital Mixed Signal Storage Oscilloscopes