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Advanced Illumination - AL-S025300 EuroBrite™ Bar Light

  • Cost-effective, feature-rich design
  • Robust, sealed IP67 enclosure
  • On-board smart driver - seamless strobe or continuous
  • Adaptive Overdrive - optimized power under all strobe conditions
  • Adaptive Power - factors in your light heat sink options and external temperature options to maximize performance and lifespan
  • Daisy-chain up to 4 units with pass-through control

Advanced Illumination - AL116 High Dispersion Wide Bar Lights

  • High Intensity light in a small package - only 32.2mm (1.26”) wide
  • Expandable in 50mm (2”) increments; lengths from 50mm (2”) to 508mm (20”)
  • Washdown option available
  • Diffuse lighting good for close working distance
  • Convenient M4 nut channel for mounting
  • Broad range of wavelengths available

Advanced Illumination - AL126 High Dispersion Narrow Bar Lights

  • High intensity light in a small package - Only 20.1 mm (.79”) wide
  • Best suited for close-up inspection (working distance of < 300mm (12””))
  • Expandable in 2” increments from 2” to 40”
  • Washdown version available
  • Very diffuse illumination
  • Broad range of wavelengths available

Advanced Illumination - AL150 BALA (Broad Area Linear Array) Bar Lights

  • Provides very even illumination along the length of the light, with controlled fall off in the transverse direction
  • Designed to provide low angle of incidence illumination over a long, wide area
  • Applications requiring very even illumination over a wider area can utilize two BALAs aligned parallel to and facing each other
  • AL150 - Expandable in 1” increments up to 80”
  • AL150 Derivatives: AL46120 (20”), AL4554 (9”), AL4424 (4”)

Advanced Illumination - AL295 MicroBrite™ Bar Lights

  • High performance compact bar light.
  • Outperforms larger bar lights on the market.
  • Expandable in 75mm (3”) increments up to 450mm (18”)
  • Broad range of wavelengths available

Advanced Illumination - LL174 High Intensity Bar Lights

  • The LL167 Series provides a focused line of illumination in a passively cooled design.
  • Only available in White (for color illumination in a similar package refer to our LL137 Series).
  • Provides a high intensity level of 472kLux (working distance of 75mm).
  • Pre-engineered for expandability in 6” (152mm) increments up to 96” (2.44m).