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Brandywine OSA-3230 Cesium Clock - Atomic Frequency Standard

  • Allan deviation σ(τ) = 2.7x10-11 T-1/2 for long life version and σ(τ) = 8.5x10-12 T-1/2 for high performance version
  • Front or Rear access connectors
  • 3U high (133mm / 5.24'') — less than 200mm depth, compatible with ETSI and 19'' standards
  • Accuracy better than ±1x10-12 / ±5x10-13 for high performance version
  • 10 MHz low noise direct output
  • Programmable 1 / 5 / 10 MHz TTL output
  • 10 years warranty on cesium tube (3 years for high performance version)
  • Redundant DC power supply inputs
  • Remote control and monitoring via RS232 (fully manageable locally and remotely using SyncView Plus management system

Brandywine OSA-5320 Stand-Alone IEEE 1588 v2 PTP Slave Clock Using Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

  • Powerful network delay analysis delivers full time alignment over hostile networks (including Layer 2 and Layer 3 routing).
  • Manual or automatic best master clock selection
  • No need to install GPS antennas
  • 2.048 Mbit/s, 2.048 MHz and 1.544 Mbit/s synchronization clock signal for legacy equipments
  • Multicast & Unicast operation ideal for use in Telecoms environment

Brandywine OSA-5330 PTP Grandmaster Clock - IEEE 1588 v2 PTP GPS-based master clock using Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

  • IEEE 1588-2008 (v2) Time protocol
  • Distributes frequency, phase and time-of-day to remote PTP clients and slaves over a network
  • Advanced hardware-generated timestamps
  • GPS input source
  • ±100 ns timing accuracy when locked to GPS
  • Highly stable internal oscillator maintain accurate synchronization in holdover
  • Auxiliary outputs include 1PPS, 10MHz, 2.048 MHz, NMEA 0183, IRIG-B and NTP
  • 19 inch 1U high rack mountable chassis

Brandywine OSA-5548C TSG BITS/ TSG Timing Signal Generator

  • Unique design for Master, Expansion and Remote Shelves
  • Entirely new family of TSG with 3U and 6U shelves
  • Adapts to all telecom node sizes, from a few 10's up to 1000's of Synchronization outputs
  • Intuitive and modular architecture (A&B groups, visual display of selected channels)
  • Extremely compact: up to 200 DS1 or CC protected or unprotected outputs in a 6U shelf
  • Single System (Master and 4 expansions) allows up to 1000 protected outputs
  • Stratum 1 PRS with optional GPS card(s)
  • Choice of Stratum 2 or Stratum 3E holdovers
  • Universal input card design (DS1, CC, 5/10MHz)
  • Universal output card design (DS1, CC)
  • SSM on complete system (Master, Expansion, Remote)
  • TL1 manageable with Local and Remote intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Up to 80 retiming channels
  • Optional NTP and IRIG-B output blades