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Advanced Illumination - Band Pass Filters

  • Eliminating all but a narrow band of light (+/- 40nm) centered on the specified wavelength, band pass filters are used to enhance colors, or to stop unwanted ambient light from reaching the camera.
  • Filtering can replace existing shrouds, simplifying the physical set up of an inspection site.
  • Ai offers 660nm and 635nm band pass filters to fit a number of different lens sizes.

Advanced Illumination - DCS-MP Manual Dimming Accessory

  • Detented, 30 position potentiometer for repeatable dimming
  • Built in DIN-rail or panel mounting feature
  • Flip up cover for potentiometer to prevent accidental adjustments
  • Spring clamp wiring terminal for vibration proof installation

Advanced Illumination - Fiber Optic Couplers - For use with SL112 and SL162

  • Securely connects the SL112 or SL162 to Moritex, Dolan-Jenner, and Fostec fiber optic light guides
  • Set screws are included

Advanced Illumination - Light Head Extension Cables - Single and Dual Cables

  • For applications requiring power cables longer than the standard 2 meters provided with Ai lights.
  • Standard cable lengths are 3, 5, 9 and 15 meters.

Advanced Illumination - Mounting Brackets

  • To simplify the mounting process, Ai offers a line of camera brackets for positioning lights under or around the camera lens.
  • Most brackets are designed to be held in place by the same screw that secures the camera.

Advanced Illumination - MP-ICS - Manual Dimming Accessory

  • 0 - 100% intensity control
  • For use with lights built with an ICS 2 after 3/1/2012
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with LL137, BL138, LL167, and BL168 “IC” Lights

Advanced Illumination - PS24 - 24 Volt Power Supply

  • Universal input switching supply
  • 24 v regulated current DC - runs on 110-220v AC
  • Power indicator light
  • Optional tinned leads; marked negative/positive

Advanced Illumination - PS24-TL 24 Volt Power Supply

  • Universal input switching supply
  • 24v regulated current DC - runs on 110-220v AC
  • Power indicator light
  • Tinned leads; marked negative/positive with wire nuts for easy connection

Advanced Illumination - Reticles - For SL191 Pattern Generating Spot Light

  • For use with the SL191 Pattern Generator
  • Five field-replaceable standard patterns available
  • 0.050mm line width photolithography
  • Available as part of a complete SL191 package (Light, Lens, Reticle), or individually
  • Reticles include spanner wrench
  • Please contact Ai for custom reticle patterns

Advanced Illumination - Standard & Telecentric Vision Lenses - For use with the SL191 Structured Pattern Generator

  • Edmund Optics Compact TECHSPEC fixed focal length, as well as Compact Telecentric and Silver Series Telecentric Lenses
  • Standard C-Mount, 2/3” format lenses

Advanced Illumination - TECHSPEC® Gold Series Focusable Telecentric Lenses

  • Designed specifically for machine vision applications
  • <0.2° Telecentricity
  • High Resolution and low distortion
  • Max sensor size: 2/3” or ½” Format Series

Advanced Illumination - TECHSPEC® Silver Series - Telecentric Measuring Lenses

  • Designed for Metrology and Gauging Applications
  • Ideal for Factory Automation
  • Double Telecentric Design
  • High Light Throughput (f/6)
  • Magnifications from 0.16X to 4.0X
  • Spec Sheet Upon Request

PowerGridm - EMI Filter Kit

  • Filters for PowerGridM UPS rear air intake and exhaust ports

PowerGridm - UPS Weather Proofing

  • Extreme weather proofing for blowing rain