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AMETEK - Avionics ATE Power Subsystem - Power Subsystem for Transportable Military Test Stand

Power Subsystem for Transportable Military test stand
  • Provides eight channels of programmable DC power with output isolation function
  • Output disconnect function
  • Total control via Ethernet within power supply.
  • Mounted in custom in transportable shock-mount case.

AMETEK - OEM DC Power System for Semiconductor Testing

OEM 6 channel DC source
  • Single Package 6-Pack of 600W power supplies
  • Complete self-contained controller operates independently once pre-set
  • Capable of ramps and sequences
  • Capable of inter-channel dependent operation
  • DeviceNet Interface
  • Solid State polarity switching

AMETEK - Programmable High-Current (Copperhead) DC Power System

Provides 15,000A DC at 5V DC in current mode
  • Single complete package
  • Integrated bus bars
  • Current mode Analog programming
  • Input 400VAC, 220A/ph, Delta

AMETEK - Radar Power Bus Simulation

Total power subsystem integration
  • Power sequencing
  • Elapsed time indication
  • EMO function
  • Custom rear output panel

AMETEK - Thermal Vacuum Heater Power - TVAC satellite chamber

Total power subsystem integration
  • Ethernet communication
  • Full sub-system wiring
  • Single P.O.
  • Custom interface to suit customer requirements

AMETEK - Water Cooled Laser Power Current Source

Specially modified design allows:
  • Air to water heat exchanger added to system
  • True current source
  • Fast transient response
  • Little to no current overshoot
  • Low stored energy

Elgar - Battery String Simulator (BSS)

  • Available in single and dual pack versions
  • Sensor simulation available to provide thermistor, strain gauges, heater loads, and cell bypass/short.
  • Battery behavior easily modified via spreadsheet download to simulate any battery topology including Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium Ion, and Nickel Cadmium

Elgar - ETS TerraSAS Standalone Photovoltaic Simulator

  • Low output capacitance
  • High bandwidth up to 30kHz
  • High resolution I-V curve simulates static and dynamic conditions
  • Designed for high speed Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Can be integrated into a multi-channel system for higher power testing
  • Low voltage, high bandwidth version for DC Power Optimizers
  • EN50530 support

Elgar Solar Array Simulator (SAS) - 450 or 500 Watt per channel Photovoltaic Emulation

  • Spin mode is a dynamic mode intended to provide a simulation of a spinning satellite.
  • Enhanced Eclipse mode is a dynamic mode that allows the user to easily program and initiate an eclipse event with total control over all of the V-I curve parameters and dwell times.
  • Operates with Sequential Shunt Regulators and Maximum Power Point Trackers
  • Multiple redundant OVP/OIP layers