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AVT - AcquireControl Software

  • Interface-independent
  • Simple image acquisition of greyscale, color, and temperature images
  • Comprehensive camera control
  • Statistical image evaluation
  • Save as RAW, TIF, BMP, AVI, and more file formats
  • Pseudo color IR image display inclusive temperature measurement
  • Simultaneous analysis of several user-defined ROIs
  • Support for important image pre-processing functions (look-up tables, background correction, mirroring etc.)

AVT - VIMBA 2.1.3 - The SDK For Allied Vision Cameras

Vimba is our future-proof platform-independent SDK for all Allied Vision cameras with GigE Vision, FireWire (IEEE 1394), USB3 Vision, and Camera Link interface.


  • NEW: Action Commands programming example
  • ARMv8 (64-bit) support for NVIDIA® Jetson TX1 and TX2
  • Operating system independent
  • Linux ARM support
  • APIs for C, C++, and .NET
  • Based on the GenICam standard
  • GenICam-based third-party software automatically connects with Vimba's TLs (transport layers).
  • Cognex Adapter for VisionPro (version 6.0 or later)
  • Integrated viewer
  • License for every Allied Vision camera free of charge
  • Many examples

Matrox Imaging - Design Assistant

  • Solve machine vision applications efficiently by constructing flowcharts instead of writing program code
  • Choose the best platform for the job within a hardware-independent environment that supports Matrox smart cameras and vision controllers, and third-party PCs with GigE Vision or USB3 Vision cameras
  • Tackle machine vision applications with utmost confidence using field-proven tools for analyzing, locating, measuring, reading, and verifying
  • Use a single program for creating both the application logic and operator interface
  • Work with multiple cameras all within the same project or per project running concurrently and independently from one another2
  • Interface to third-party 3D sensors to process and analyze their depth map
  • Rely on a common underlying vision library for the same results with a Matrox smart camera, vision system, or third-party computer
  • Maximize productivity with instant feedback on image analysis and processing operations
  • Receive immediate, pertinent assistance through an integrated contextual guide
  • Communicate actions and results to other automation and enterprise equipment via discrete Matrox I/Os, RS-232, and Ethernet (TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP™3, Modbus®, PROFINET®, and native robot interfaces)
  • Maintain control and independence through the ability to create custom flowchart steps
  • Increase productivity and reduce development costs with Matrox Vision Academy online and on-premises training
  • Protect against inappropriate changes with the Project Change Validator tool

Matrox Imaging - Library (MIL) Software

  • Solve applications rather than develop underlying tools by leveraging a toolkit with a 25-year history of reliable performance
  • Tackle applications with utmost confidence using field-proven tools for analyzing, locating, measuring, reading, and verifying
  • Harness the full power of today’s hardware through optimizations exploiting SIMD, multi-core CPU, multi-CPU, and FPGA technologies
  • Support platforms ranging from smart cameras to high-performance computing (HPC) clusters via a single consistent and intuitive application programming interface (API)
  • Obtain live images from the interface of choice, with support for analog, Camera Link®, Camera Link HS™, CoaXPress®, DVI-D, GigE Vision®, SDI, and USB3 Vision®2,3 transmission formats
  • Maintain flexibility and choice by way of support for 32-/64-bit Windows®, Linux®, and RTX64 (RTOS)
  • Leverage available programming know-how with support for C, C++, C#, CPython3, and Visual Basic® languages
  • Increase productivity and reduce development costs with Matrox Vision Academy online and on-premises training

NH Research - Enerchron® 2.0 Test Management Software

  • Continuous measurement collection, monitoring and archiving
  • Powerful Test Sequence Editor that optimizes flexibility and intuitiveness
  • Ability to instantly scale test sequences to other like products
  • Dynamic, configurable reporting and charting
  • Ability to add new test system hardware onto the core software package
  • Import and dynamically scale Drive Cycle tables
  • Eliminate Post Processing data

ProjectionWorks - AssemblyWorks Software

AssemblyWorks enables manufacturing engineers to write the "manufacturing script" for an assembly process and display that script directly onto the target assembly.

ProjectionWorks - HarnessWorks

HarnessWorks adds visual step by step instructions directly to the harness board. Import your harness drawings directly from your existing design software, add any helpful tips and text, and guide your technicians through the build process.

ProjectionWorks - PaintWorks Software

  • View the paint scheme projected onto the vehicle for customer/internal approval prior to masking
  • Paint highly complex schemes with precision and repeatability across entire fleets
  • Reduce paint masking time substantially
  • Eliminate guesswork and inconsistencies from paint masking
  • Minimize rework
  • Accurately masking projected lines requires less skill than current tracing method
  • Increase complexity of paint schemes without increasing time spent or requiring master painters
  • Standardize workforce and results across multiple locations

Weiss Technik - S!MPAC Control System

  • Multi PID Controls
  • Flexible Modular Design
  • Real time graphic displays
  • Automatic back-up of critical data
  • Support up to 80 measuring channels
  • Unlimited program storage capacity
  • Multi-user password access
  • Soft temperature & humidity limits
  • Storage up to 100 programs
  • System status viewing
  • Software upgrades available
  • Connect remotely to any laptop/device

Weiss Technik - SIMPATI Control Software

  • Control the test cycle
  • Store measured data
  • Easily create test programs with the graphics editor
  • Network up to 99 units
  • Connect additional measuring devices
  • Record irregularities and possible malfunctions during the test cycle
  • Print out measured data in the form of a graph
  • Copy measured data for evaluation in other programs
  • Calculate gradients of process parameters and times for altering the process parameters
  • Manage your programs for production processes and tests in a coherent and clear manner
  • Simulation data are provided by the Simpati-webserver in the PC network
  • The message service supports the transfer of messages by e-mail to an existing mail server (SMTP)
  • Remote control of the units in the network via JAVA-Applet with your Internet Browser
  • Administration of different users Graphic symbols or photos can be chosen as chamber symbols
  • Analysis with illustrative graphics and calculating options
  • The possibility exists to block the chamber for external access

Weiss Technik - Spirale VS Control Software – Aerospace & Space Simulation Applications

  • HMI customized for your project : synoptic of the equipment, displayed parameters, etc.
  • Control via integrated touch-screen and/or remote PC
  • Equipment parameters real-time display
  • Manual and automatic modes, with pre-programmed cycles
  • Maintenance facilitated : service interventions schedule, preventive maintenance, autotest possible
  • ProgWin test cycles editor and VisuWin test post-processing software integrated

Weiss Technik - TimeLabs

A picture says more than a thousand measurements. The new standard of test documentation for the visual documentation of test procedures. Test items in temperature and climatic test chamber testing procedures have quite a lot of variables to go through. Data supported documentation and unparalleled visualization of testing procedures with SIMPATI* TimeLabs from Weiss Technik assures production reliability and provides an exact visual evaluation of testing procedures in slow or fast motion.

Weiss Technik - WEBSeason: The Controller Designed by and for End-Users

  • Real Time Interface
  • Multi-User
  • Multi-Language
  • Connect from any Web-Based Device
  • Access from Anywhere Around the Globe
  • 7" and 10" Screens Available