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Brandywine - Advanced FTSU-100D Frequency / Time Distribution Amplifier

  • Network Enabled Distribution Amplifier
  • Low Phase Noise Reference Frequency Outputs
  • Fault Alarm Output
  • 1U 19" Rack Mount
  • Frequency Synthesizer Option
  • Hitless Switching of Reference
  • Programmable Amplitude
  • Propagation Delay Compensation

Brandywine - Airborne Time Code Processor (TCP-AS)

  • Flight Qualified
  • Support for IEEE-1588 and GPS Havequick II I/O
  • Input IEEE-1588 and Convert to IRIG A/B
  • Tested to MIL-STD 810F and 461E CE102 and RE 102
A multi-format precision time source in a small form factor with low power consumption. Can operate as a time code format translator: eg IEEE-1588 (PTP) to IRIG-B

Brandywine - Frequency Reference Unit (FRU)

  • Ultra-stable GPS Disciplined Frequency Reference
  • 10 Independent 10MHz outputs
  • 1U chassis
  • Meets MIL-STD-188-164A stability requirements
  • Frequency accuracy to 1 x 10-12
  • Dual Port NTP Server

Brandywine - FTSU-100 Time and Frequency Distribution and Transfer Switch

  • Frequency and time outputs
  • Low phase noise frequency output
  • 1PPS output
  • Hitless fequency switching 

Brandywine - HPTS Modular Time & Frequency System

  • Modular Timing System
  • Flexible
  • Upgradeable
  • Redundant
  • Hot Swappable Modules
  • High Accuracy
  • Network-Centric
  • Rugged
  • Environmentally Qualified
  • Automatic Propagation Delay Compensation
  • Flexible input reference – GPS, Have Quick, IRIG B

Brandywine - Miniature Airborne Timecode Processor (TCP-AM)

  • A multi-format precision time source in a very small form factor with low power consumption.
  • Can operate as a time code format translator: eg IEEE-1588 (PTP) to IRIG-B

Brandywine - Portable Timing Unit - PTU - GPS transportable timing system

The PTU is extremely flexible in its ability to synchronize to a variety of timing sources. Available references are:
  • 16 channel GPS SPS receiver (standard)
  • 12 channel GB-GRAM SAASM GPS receiver (optional)
  • IRIG B Time Code (standard)
  • HaveQuick/1PPS from external GPS receiver (standard)

Brandywine - Precision Time System (PTS)

  • GPS Disciplined Atomic Clock
  • Remote Control over ethernet with included browser
  • SA-ASM GPS Receiver option
  • Network Time Server
  • Serial COM port for setup
  • 10MHz, 1PPS, IRIG B, ICD-060 serial time code

Brandywine - PTS-SAASM - GPS SAASM based network ready master clock with disciplined Rb Oscillator

  • GSP disciplined atomic clock
  • Network time server
  • Dual redundant version available
  • Complete remote network control using standard web browser
  • SA-ASM GPS Receiver
  • 10MHz, 1PPS, Irig-B, serial and time codes
  • Timing accuracy < 40ns rms to UTC 

Brandywine - TFD-8000 Highly reliable, extremely flexible Time and Frequency Source

The TFD8000 is composed of a chassis/backplane and a large library of plug-in features that include:
  • Frequency Synthesizers
  • SA-ASM or CA code GPS receivers
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) Time Server
  • Status Alarm Monitor
  • Quartz, Rubidium, Cesium Oscillator choices
  • Time Code Outputs
  • Dual/Triple redundancy with Automatic Switchover
  • Hot Swappable Modules
  • 1-5-10 MHz Outputs
  • T1/E1 Frequency Outputs