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Abaco BT-1553 BusTools Software Analyzer - MIL-STD-1553 Bus Analysis, Simulation and Data Monitoring/Logging Solution

GUI Features
  • Full BC, 31 RT and monitor capability
  • Graphical or ASCII file setup of BC and RT simulations
  • Multiple real-time data displays
  • Log 100% of bus traffic on multiple channels to disk and/or memory
  • Three levels of simultaneous data logging
  • Selective Data Watch for multiple parameters
  • ASCII file import/export of Engineering Unit (ICD) definitions
  • Major/Minor frame BC simulation
  • Conditional branching on message data
  • Playback of recorded traffic
Hardware Features
  • Available on XMC, PMC, PCI, PCI Express, USB, ExpressCard, CompactPCI, PCMCIA, PC/104- Plus, VME and VXI platforms
  • Unique “No Bus” UUT port available on QPCI interface
  • Controls up to 8 independent buses
  • 1-4 Dual redundant channels per card
  • Support for 32-bit/64-bit Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista, and 7
  • IRIG PAM decode DC level generator
New Features
  • Pass 3200 file converter for importing Pass 3200 files into BusTools format
  • Graphic Widgets Tool
  • Advanced scheduling options:
    • Message scheduling
    • Fixed gap timing
    • Frame start timing
  • Dynamic Bus Monitor start/stop
  • Real time data conversions on selective data watch entries

Abaco BT-AFDX-A BusTools Software Analyzer BusTools-AFDX - AFDX / ARINC 664 Analysis and Simulation Software

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive, multi-window displays
  • Traffic sorter view with Auto-Discovery
  • Simultaneous real-time monitoring and logging
  • Create Message Structures via XML importing or drag-and-drop
  • Apply Message Structures to End System, Virtual Link (VL) and Port views
  • Display message data in Engineering Units
  • Flexible AFDX Frame Analysis with statistics
  • High-resolution Timestamping
  • Advanced, multi-level triggering and filtering
  • Log data simultaneously at Port, VL or All Traffic levels
  • Replay (or loop) previously captured files and apply message structures to view data
  • Supports GE Intelligent Platforms’ for CNIC interfaces

Abaco BT-ARINC BusTools Software Analyzer - ARINC 429 Bus Analysis, Simulation and Data Monitoring/Logging Solution

  • Real-time display of individual channel labels
  • Log 100% of bus traffic to disk and/or memory
  • Integrated software/hardware solution
  • Flexible real-time displays
  • User-defined custom labels, data fields and scaling
  • Discrete I/O control
  • Multiple boards supported
  • Advanced engineering unit conversion with context-sensitive translation
  • Control, log, display multiple channels simultaneously Powerful Hardware
  • Available for:
    • USB (RAR-USB)
    • PCI (CEI-520/520A/530/830-X/ RCEI-830A-X/R830RX-X)
    • CompactPCI (CEI-620/RAR-CPCI/830-3/ R830RX-3)
    • PCI Express (RAR-PCIE)
    • PCMCIA (CEI-715/RCEI-715A)
    • ExpressCard (RAR-EC)
    • PC/104 (CEI-420/420A)
    • PC/104 Plus (CEI-430/CEI-430A)
    • PC/AT (CEI-220)
  • Control up to 32 simultaneous channels per board
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista, Server 2008, 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), and NT (32-bit) supported