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Weiss Technik - Altitude Chill Climate Chamber

Weiss Technik altitude test chambers are designed based upon the specialized needs of the automobile industry and allow for a simulation of air pressure up to a height of 4000 meters. Regardless of location or season the combination of cold and climate allows for a broad range of test possibilities.

Weiss Technik - M.C.S Walk-In Test Chamber

  • Faster - shorter delivery times
  • Less expensive - standardized components
  • More flexible - dimple final installation
  • More efficient - top performance data
  • Stability tests
  • Temperature tests in the range – 40 ... + 80 °C
  • Climate tests
  • Temperature and alternating climate tests

Weiss Technik - RL SHED Chamber

The RL SHED chamber was built to determine the emission of fuel vapors during driving. This system consists of a driver instructor unit with a ceiling mounted monitor, a dynamometer, emission analyzer, volume compensation with Tedlar foil, movable ceiling, software, and an airtight door.
Dynamometer Test: The climate test chamber with built-in dynamometer test is fully capable of performing emission tests in accordance to European and American guidelines. Weiss Technik offers professional advice, after-sales-service and everything in between.

Weiss Technik - SC 1000/15-60 IU Climate - Alternating - Corrosion Test Chamber

The Climate-Alternating-Corrosion Test Chamber type SC 1000/15-60 IU meets the requirements of standard DIN 50 021/DIN EN ISO 9227 and allows the performance of corrosion alternating tests according to VDA Test 621-415 B with freezing ("VDA New").

Weiss Technik - Stability Test Walk-In Chambers

  • Temperature and humidity range extensions
  • Unit as a temperature chamber (without controlled humidity)
  • Entry ports
  • Observation window
  • Shelf system
  • Explosion-resistant components
  • Simpati Pharma software package for recording and processing of measurement values
Further options available on request.

Weiss Technik - WP/WPH Walk-In/Drive-In Test Chamber

  • The pre-fabricated Walk-In/Drive-In test chamber's modular construction facilitates ease of move-in and setup.
  • Accepts all sizes of roll-up conditioning modules.
  • Suited for many Telcordia (Bellcore) applications.
  • Temperatures up to 150 C (302 F) available providing greater testing options.

Weiss Technik - WW Series - Solid Construction Walk-In / Drive-In Test Chambers

The integral welded floors provide proper drainage of water/fluids. The unit's one-piece custom construction makes the chambers very easy to install. Larger units can be constructed on site.