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Acromag AXM-A30 - Analog Input Extension I/O Module for PMC FPGA

This module features two 105MHz 16-bit A/D channels. An external clock and trigger can be used to control sampling.
An internal precision clock conditioner provides the functions of jitter cleaning/reconditioning, multiplication, and distribution of a reference clock.

Acromag AXM-A75 - Multi-function I/O for PMC & XMC FPGA

  • 16 channels of analog input capable of simultaneous sampling
  • 16-bit 250kHz A/D converter on each channel
  • Analog input range of ±10.24 volts
  • Programmable gain of 1x, 2x, 4x, or 8x
  • 8 channels of analog output capable of simultaneous updates
  • Each A/D channel includes a 2K sample FIFO
  • FIFO status interrupts configurable for half-full or overflow conditions
  • Dual quad 16-bit serial input D/A converters with 10μS settling time
  • Analog output range of ±10 volts
  • 16 channels of general-purpose digital I/O
  • Front panel 68-pin VHDCI receptacle for field I/O connections
  • Example VHDL code provided in the base board’s Engineering Design Kit to control sample rate and gain selection
  • Operating temperature: -40 to 85°C

Acromag AXM-D Series - Digital I/O Extension Modules for PMc & XMC FPGA

AXM Series extension modules offer numerous I/O options for Acromag’s PMC modules with configurable FPGAs. These extension modules plug into the front mezzanine on Acromag’s PMC-LX/SX (Virtex®-4 FPGA), PMC-VLX/VSX/VFX (Virtex-5 FPGA) modules, and PMC-SLX (Spartan-6 FPGA) modules.