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Yokogawa MC100 Pneumatic Pressure Standard

The MC100 Series is well-suited for calibration and maintenance of pressure instrumentation. Various pressure instruments such as pressure sensors, industrial transmitters, and pressure switches, as well as sphygmomanometers and other medical devices face severe price competition and demands for improved accuracy.

Yokogawa MT210/MT210F Digital Manometers

The MT210/210F series of digital manometers, produced by combining YOKOGAWA's best pressure measurement technologies, offers excellent accuracy, reliable operation, and a variety of applications. These measuring tools provide the perfect solutions for a wide range of technologies.

Yokogawa MT220 Digital Manometer

The MT220 can measure pressure with outstanding accuracy, high resolution, minimal tempco, and excellent stability. It offers a wealth of functions for field calibration, including transmitter output measurement (DCV/DCA functions), 24-V DC output, percent error readout, measurement data memory, and Ni-Cd battery operation. The D/A conversion output makes it simple to output data to a recorder or other equipment. And of course, data output through a GP-IB or RS-232 interface is also possible-including data output during operation on a 12 V DC power supply or Ni-Cd batteries.