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Yokogawa 7563 Digital Thermometer

Yokogawa-original A/D converter (feedback pulse width modulation method) features superior noise immunity, stability and high-speed sampling. In addition, versatile functions are suitable for system use and cover a wide variety of applications from test to R&D.

Yokogawa TM20 Thermo-collector (Double Function)

The TM20 offers excellent data management functions:
  • Collect up to 5000 data items with time-stamp, tag name and inspector name.
  • Save 2 weeks continuous data logging with 1 minute interval (up to 20000 data items, measuring interval is 1sec. to 24 hours.).
  • Information on when, by whom and what is measured is saved along with the data.

Yokogawa TX10 Series Digital Thermometers (Single-Function)

TX10 Series offers thermocouple thermometers that support K, J, E and T type thermocouples. There are three models available: 1-channel single-function, 1-channel multi-function, and 2-channel multi-function models.