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Weiss Technik - EV Series AGREE Style Chamber

The EV series AGREE style chambers are available in sizes ranging from 12 to 110 cubic feet (340 L to 3114L), and accommodate electro-dynamic and mechanical vibration systems and/or roll-in product carts. The EV series can be used as a test chamber or as a test chamber with vibration tables.
  • Humidity option available
  • Vertical Lift option available
  • Custom sizes also available

Weiss Technik - Galaxy Series HALT/HASS System

  • Isolated vibration compartment for low noise
  • Easy-to-use software capable of graphing performed profiles
  • Easier maintenance access with fully removable vibration table
  • Door safety switches for personnel safety
  • High table weight capacity, up to 1,000 pounds, to maximize customer throughput
  • High vibration levels, up to 100 gRMS, to defeat your product HALT/HASS Testing is Applicable for Many Industries
  • Direct product cooling, for efficient usage of costly LN2
  • Fully vacuum jacketed inlet assembly, to save the customer money
  • Optional items include:
    • External O2 sensor for additional operational safety
    • Exclusive Component Control, to create a more stable environment for items unable to be exterior to test space, ex. power packs.

Weiss Technik - STAR PLUS System

The STAR Plus(tm) System adds the dimensions of ease of use, consistency of performance, and total system reliability to your product development and/or production program. The Technik Star Plus System AGREE chambers are equipped with an LN2 cooling system. The LN2 cooling system, with modulating valve and directed airflow to the product, provides the rapid thermal change rates required to achieve maximum product stress. Additionally, these rates are accomplished with smaller space requirements, lower audible noise, no water requirement, and lower maintenance costs than a typical refrigeration system. The chamber enclosure is insulated with sound dampening material to keep operating noise levels of the vibration equipment below 78dBa. Access to the chamber workspace is through large total-access doors.

Weiss Technik - Star Series Vibration Tables

  • Vibration level is monitored and controlled via a tri-axial accelerometer block
  • Lower operational costs thanks to efficient air usage at average vibration levels
  • Large table top can accommodate multiple fixtures or large products
  • Large number of mounting holes allows greater flexibility in mounting product
  • Table is on an Airfloat pneumatic glide system for easy removal from the chamber for maintenance and fixture or product mounting
  • “Easy-Lift” actuator switch makes raising and lowering the table or removal very easy
  • Anodized aluminum table top eliminated aluminum oxidation

Weiss Technik - WT3-V/WK3-V Test System

The WT3-V/WK3-V Weiss Technik testing systems represent the broad performance range of our test systems. These test systems enable you to simulate dynamic processes, mechanical as well as thermal loads, which affect components and equipment. With a total of 36 test cabinets in 3 sizes with volumes of 600, 1200, and 2200 liters, and two temperature ranges from -40 and -70 to 180°C and temperature conditioning performances of 5, 10, and 15 K/min – both with and without climate conditioning.