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Aeroflex Explorer CS1247-A Broadband Signal Analyzer and Recorder

The CS1247-A Broadband Signal Analyzer and Recorder series provides the widest bandwidth and deepest memory RF/baseband signal analyzers available.  The BSA combines broadband RF downconverters, wide bandwidth high dynamic range ADCs and high speed memory with powerful DSP-based signal analysis software.  The wideband recording capability of the Explorer makes it simple to find, record, and analyze signals of interest. The DSP software analyzes both real time signal inputs and signals captured into BSA signal memory. Digital acquisition and processing achieve the highest fidelity, accuracy and repeatability. Signals recorded into memory can be saved to onboard storage or transferred over network.  Recorded signals can be imported into Aeroflex's Broadband Signal Generators and played back.

Applications include:

  • Radar
  • Communications
  • EW/ECM
  • Spectrum monitoring
  • EME
The multi-threaded system application software allows signal acquisition with simultaneous analysis of signals, providing tight correlation of time, frequency and modulation measurements on the same signal space.

Coherent Solutions - MTP1000 & MTPmini

Versatile and Cost-effective Modular Optical Test Platform  
  • MTP1000
    • The MTP1000 is a benchtop and rack-mountable chassis that can be configured with up to 9 individual Blades to meet your specific requirements. Replace multiple test instruments with one cost-effective platform for quick and simple automation of your testing set-up.
  • MTPmini
    • The MTPmini is a compact benchtop chassis with 2 Blade bays and comes equipped with a touchscreen for stand-alone operation. MTPmini lets you harness all the flexibility and connectivity of the MTP Blades in a convenient form factor.

Weiss Technik Assembly Test Chambers: Lab Event

  • New, eco-friendly refrigerant R449A
  • WEBSeason® web-based user interface
  • Space-saving with a small footprint of 1.3 m2
  • From -60°C to +100°C in just 40 min

Weiss Technik Benchtop Temperature Test Chambers : LabEvent

  • New, eco friendly refrigerant R449A
  • WEBSeason® web-based user interface
  • Handy size thanks to a compact design
  • Universal application thanks to variable temperature controls

Weiss Technik Laboratory Test Chambers : LabEvent

  • New, eco-friendly refrigerant R449A
  • WEBSeason® web-based user interface
  • Flexible thanks to independent, adjustable temperature limiter
  • Compact design saves space