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Yokogawa Model 2491 - Single Function Power Series Plus Digital Switchboard Meters

Single Function Digital Switchboard Meter
Measuring capabilities include: AM Amperes, AC Voltage, Frequency, Watts, Vars, Power Factor, Phase Angle

Yokogawa Model 2492 - Dual Function Power Series plus Digital Switchboard Meters

Dual Function Digital Switchboard Meter
Measuring capabilities include: Volt / Amp, Volt / Hertz, Watt / Var, Watt / PF

Yokogawa Model 2493 - Triple Display MultiFunction Power Meter

Ideally designed for easy retrofit into existing switchboard meter panel cutouts. The 2493 power meter features three easy to read LED displays, minimum/maximum values at the touch of a button, scaling up to 1250:1 for potential transformers and 5000:1 for current transformers. Optional 0-1 mA DC and 4-20mA DC analog outputs are configurable by the user and RS485 communications option is available at no additional cost. The 2493 is also available with a wide choice of power supply options.

Yokogawa PROPLUS Digital Panel Meters

PROPLUS digital panel meters are full-featured, high-end, digital panel meters and the most powerful member of Yokogawa's 1/8 DIN meter family. The PROPLUS offers a complete range of meters for all price and performance applications. These meters are available with 2 or 4 relays with a 4-20 mA output. Field expansion modules are available that allow the PROPLUS to control up to eight relays, including digital inputs and outputs, or add advanced serial communications options! The dual-display provides more information, and makes it easy to program. High intensity display models can be viewed in bright sunlight, or where visibility may be impaired by smoke, fog, dust, or distance. The dual-line 6-digit display (999,999), advanced input signal conditioning selections, user programmable function keys, Modbus RTU serial communications, and optional expansion modules are only a few of the features found on PROPLUS digital panel meters.

Yokogawa Y800 plus Universal Meter & Counter

Universal Digital Meter for Thermocouples and RTDs Process Signals Strain Gauge and Load Cell Universal Digital Counter Frequency and Period Rate and Total Integration and Square Root Quadrature and more