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Abaco RCNIC-A2PA Interface Dual Port ARINC 664 Part 7 PMC Interface

  • AFDX/ARINC 664 Part 7 dual port inter-face (two independent 10/100 MHz full duplex ports)
  • Available as PMC, PCI and cPCI
  • 33/66 MHz, 32-bit PCI interface
  • Includes AFDX and low-level Software
  • Advanced reception features
  • Advanced transmission scheduling
  • Advanced software support
  • Four bi-directional avionics level discretes
  • Input and output triggers per channel

Acromag APMC4110 - Busless PMC Carrier Card

  • Holds one PMC module
  • Delivers power to PMC module
  • Enables a trouble-free start-up sequence
  • Stand-alone design needs no chassis or backplane

This PMC module carrier card allows use of a PMC module in an independent stand-alone mode. The carrier card delivers power to the PMC module and regulates the PCI bus start-up sequence to prevent a system lock-up by the connection to the local bus.