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Yokogawa 2404 Series Hand Crank Insulation Testers

The 2404 insulation tester is a reliable, hand-driven insulation tester using a DC-DC converter. The 2404 includes a number of useful and easy-to-use features. Six different models are available for different test voltages (DC) and MΩ ranges. With the exception of the 240415 and 240416, all models provide a convenient continuity range of 0 to 500Ω full scale.
*This product is produced and handled by Yokogawa AMERICA DO SUL LTDA in Brazil. Please contact through your local Yokogawa's representative.

Yokogawa 2406E Series Analog Insulation Tester (Multi Range)

  • Analog models with two and three rating
  • AC voltage measurement
  • Automatic discharge
  • Sky blue EL backlight
  • Increased safety (covered battery charger)

Yokogawa 3213A Series Analog Insulation Testers

  • Analog models with single rating
  • AC voltage measurement and check live lines such as motive power lines
  • One-touch operation Press-and-lock switch for continuous measurement
  • A wide choice of accessories to meet various testing requirements
  • Vibration - and shock-resistant hand-held compact testers
  • Approx weight including batteries, or Approx. weigh including hard case, handle, test leads and batteries

Yokogawa MY10 Series Analog Insulation Testers

  • Analog models with single rating
    • MY10-01:125V/20MΩ
    • MY10-02:250V/50MΩ
    • MY10-03:500V/100MΩ
    • MY10-04:500V/1000MΩ
    • MY10-05:1000V/2000MΩ
  • AC voltage measurement
  • Automatic discharge
  • A wide choice of accessories-Designed for shared use with the MY40

Yokogawa MY40 Digital Insulation Tester

  • Digital model with 4 voltage/resistance ratings
  • Multifunction
    • Insulation resistance, AC voltage and conductor resistance measurement
    • Insulation test mode: Comparator, memory, auto-hold and discharge functions
    • All test modes: Live-line alarm (excluding AC voltage measurement), battery check and automatic power-off
  • Easy-to-view, fluctuation-free display
  • Double-action safety mechanism
  • Weight including main unit and batteries only, excluding accessories