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Weiss Technik - Heat Event – Heat Technology

  • Smallest footprint with the largest effective space
  • Low energy consumption thanks to IE3 motors, optimised heat output, insulation and reliable door sealing designs
  • World’s largest range of options and accessories in addition to comprehensive basic equipment

Weiss Technik - Microwave Heating and Drying Cabinets VHM Hephaistos

  • Shorter heating, process, and cooling times compared to conventional methods, as a result energy is saved.
  • The products are heated in the microwave. The furnace chamber itself is not heated and does not have to be cooled down.
  • Use of metal parts, e. g. conventional metal tools and feeding systems, in the microwave field.
  • Specific, volumetric heating of products: Microwaves penetrate into the material directly and heat the product. As a result, heating rates and output can be increased considerably.
  • High product quality by sufficient homogeneity of the microwave fields: Thanks to the use of thermoelectric foils additional positive effects and material characteristics are achieved.
  • The systems designed extend from the laboratory up to the large scale that is needed in aircraft industry along with other fields of study.

Weiss Technik - NTUD 250/250/600 Heating / Drying Unit

Changing the shape of fiber optical waveguides that are used to detect elementary particles.
  • Oven comprising 3 zones
  • Outer casing made with electrolytic zinc-coated sheet steel, coated (RAL 7032)
  • Inner housing made with aluminized sheet steel
  • Floor with guide rails for moving a platform trolley (flanged castors) at ground level.
  • Door window
  • Interior lighting
  • Adjustable shutter walls
  • CTC program controller
  • Networked with S!mpati
Special Features
  • Spatial temperature distribution at 90 °C of ± 1.2 °C
  • Unit and product can be quickly cooled to ambient temperature via water cooler.

Weiss Technik - VAW 60/100-650 Tempering oven

Built for tempering, ageing and distressing of metal parts, sintering of PTFE, etc.
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution
  • Short cooling rate by fresh air fan

Weiss Technik - VAW Series Tempering Oven

  • High functionality, reliability and durability.
  • Supplied ready for installation thus avoiding long commissioning times.
  • High air rate: The material soon reaches the required temperature.
  • Short heating and cooling rates thanks to insulation material with low thermal capacity.
  • Reduced external wall temperatures thanks to high-quality insulation system.
  • Extensive range of accessories and equipment enable universal use.
  • Low noise emissions.
  • Operating and maintenance-friendly concept.
  • High operational safety thanks to swing mechanism of the test space door
  • Adjustable safety cut out against excess temperature with selection limiter (Protection Class 2).
  • Supports and shelves adjustable in height
  • High load bearing grates
  • Charging trolley, transport trolley

Weiss Technik - VDU 230/150/175-150°C IR Continuous Oven

  • Outer casing electrolytic zinc-coated sheet steel, coated (RAL 7032)
  • Inner casing aluminized sheet steel
  • Electrically-actuated lift doors

Weiss Technik - VTIR 65/40-200 °C Oven

  • Outer casing zinc-coated sheet steel, coated (RAL 9002)
  • Inner housing, stainless steel, material no. 1.4301
  • Fresh air system with HEPA supply air filter
  • Turn table with drive
  • Horizontal traversing unit
  • Heating unit with 9 shortwave IR beams, vertically adjacent

Weiss Technik - VTU 100/150-140 °C Oven

  • Outer housing of electrolytic zinc-coated sheet steel, coated (RAL 9002)
  • Inner housing of aluminized sheet steel
  • Reinforced work space floor (1000kg)
  • Air discharge fan, tightly closing, electrically driven flaps on fresh and discharge air ducts
  • Without switch box and controller
  • Liquefier/compressor unit on the oven ceiling

Weiss Technik - VTU 560/400/400-150 °C Oven

  • Outer casing of electrolytic galvanized sheet steel, coated (RAL 7035)
  • Inner housing, aluminized sheet steel
  • Adjustable shutter walls, aluminized sheet steel