Signal Switching and I/O

Applications that need switching and I/O solutions require the test design engineer to fully comprehend and define the test philosophy before configuring the system in order to achieve an optimized solution. VTI Instruments has a 20-year history of designing modular and scalable products that provide cost-effective solutions in a compact footprint. 

Testers such as the F35-JSF’s LM-Star and the US Navy’s RT-CASS are based on a truly modular philosophy which is based on a common core of switching and measurement I/O that is flexible yet capable enough to test hundreds of complex subassemblies. At VTI Instruments we design our products with size and performance in mind. We excel in applications where it is critical to reduce the size of the common core instrumentation in order to allow room for niche requirements and future expansion. Our SMIP and VMIP lines of modular VXIbus instruments revolutionized the industry by delivering a mix of density and performance that continues to be unmatched today. We’ve extended this capability to smaller channel count applications through the introduction of our EX1200 series. 


Test Solutions Built to Stand the Test of Time 

All of VTI’s functional test solutions are based on industry standard platforms that have a history of long-term viability. Reliability, functionality, and ease of use have resulted in successes with our VXIbus products in programs such as the Atlas URCU, US Air Force VDATS and ADTS (B1B) test stations. Our ruggedized SVM series of VME-based switch modules are ideal for F16 flightline testing and any other harsh environment. The LXI Class A platform offers the precision performance commonly found in mainframe-based systems. Together, these platforms allow VTI to stand behind our commitment toward providing test solutions that are built to stand the test of time. We offer ATE solutions including: 

We offer ATE solutions including:

  • Defense / Aerospace
  • Avionics
  • Transportation ECU Testing
  • RF/Microwave Interface Units
  • Electronic Assemblies/System

Automated Signal Switching White Paper