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Teledyne LeCroy - MDA800A Motor Drive Analyzers

  • Complete Motor Drive System Debug and Validation in One Instrument
  • Three-Phase Power Measurements; Real, Apparent, Reactive Power
  • Efficiency Measurements
  • User-Configurable Numerics Table
  • Two- and Three-Wattmeter Methods Supported
  • Per-Cycle Time-Correlated Waveforms From Power Values
  • Harmonics Calculations and Filtering (optional)
  • Dynamic Drive Response Analysis, From Startup To Overload
  • Unique Zoom+Gate Mode
  • Line-Line To Line-Neutral Voltage Conversion
  • Up to 6000 VRMS Isolation with HVD Series Differential Probes
  • Easily Interface Other Current Measurement Devices
  • Complete Motor Interface (Torque, Speed, Position)
  • Graphical User Interface