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Pickering - PXI Chassis

When you need high performance and configurability - choose Pickering's PXI Chassis.
We can supply a PXI chassis to meet every PXI application, they range from 8 to 19 3U slots. Selected PXI chassis are available with optional low acoustic operation; suitable for office, laboratory or other environments where low audible noise is essential. These PXI chassis can be optimized to accept multi-slot modules, such as our BRIC™ matrix modules, while only occupying one electrical slot.
We can also pre-configure your PXI modules and ship them pre-installed in our 8, 14 or 19 slot PXI chassis to your exact requirements—this is done free of charge. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to learn more about our PXI Chassis.
Interested in controlling PXI modules in an Ethernet environment?
Our LXI chassis allow any of our 3U PXI switch modules and many of our instrumentation modules to be controlled in an Ethernet environment. You may also be interested in our 2-Slot USB/LXI Chassis, this chassis allows most of our 1 or 2-slot PXI modules to be controlled via USB or Ethernet. Also our 4-Slot USB/LXI Chassis allow USB or Ethernet control of most PXI modules up to 4-slot width.