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GET Engineering - Portable NTDS Analyzer / Debugger

Key Features
  • Monitor up to eight NTDS channels
  • Monitor any combination of NTDS parallel or serial channels
  • Multiple trigger and record options
  • Data collection can be saved for future analysis or exported to common file formats
  • Data displayed in Hex, Octal, Binary, Decimal or ASCII formats
  • Data displayed in 32, 24, 16, or 8 bits
  • 100ns Time‑Stamp Resolution
  • Full search and extract features
  • Add bookmarks and comments to display and to output file
  • Records and Time‑stamps NTDS control lines
  • Instant statistics displayed; for example, transaction counts and time between selected transactions

GET Engineering - Tactical Data Processors

This full‑duplex product converts a NTDS data interface to a serial data stream, easing the task of interfacing a existing UYK Computer or other Legacy Peripheral to a new system using only a serial data interface. The converter can support all MILSTD‑1397 Parallel interface types (A,B,C,H) and Serial (D,E) and is software configurable for data packing format, baud rate, programmable timeouts and NTDSCategory. This unit also has been designed from its conception to allow for future upgrades to the software and can be field upgraded via a Zmodem download into solid‑state memory. The Tactical Data Processor is available in several various physical form factors such as 19″ rack mount, ¾ ATR or custom configurations.