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Luna Innovations mission is to help advance the continuing increase in data transmission rates for the public & private communications network with high speed optical receivers and test products, while also leveraging our unique fiber optic sensing technology to improve the structural testing of new composite elements and components in new aircraft and automobiles.

Luna Innovations Incorporated (NASDAQ: LUNA) was founded in 1990 and has been successful in taking innovative technologies from the applied research stage to product development and ultimately to the commercial market. In some cases, the successes led to the creation of independent businesses. We have created companies in our area of focus, sold some of them to industry leaders in their fields, raised private capital, formed joint ventures and entered into a number of licensing agreements.

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Luna - Avalanche Photodiodes

Luna Optoelectronics is the world’s leading supplier of custom and standard Large Area Avalanche PhotoDiodes (LAAPD’s) and Avalanche Photodiodes (APD’s). The silicon avalanche photodiode (Si APD) is a photon detection device that offers high internal gain. It is ideal for use in high speed, low light level applications.
We also offer several patented large area configurations (LAAPD) enhanced for a variety of regions of the spectrum. These are available with built-in thermoelectric coolers to reduce the dark current and enhance performance. Package options include hermetically sealed windows or windowless configurations.


Luna - CdS Photocells

Luna Optoelectronics’ Cadmium Sulfide (CdS) photocell technology (also known as photoconductive cell, light dependent resistor, photoresistor or photoconductor) is used in various applications for detection and characterization of flame, in oil and gas burners, optocouplers for electrical isolation and audio applications, as well as general lighting detection for street lighting, cell phones, and many other applications.


Luna - Fiber Optic Strain Sensors

  • Low profile for embedding
    • Embed sensor within structures without influencing test results
  • High density measurements
    • Characterizes strain gradients and validates finite element models
  • Dielectric and EMI/EMC immune
    • Ideal for instrumenting electronic assemblies
  • Corrosion proof
    • A robust sensor that introduces no source of ignition to hazardous environments


Luna - Fiber Optic Switch

  • High Port Count
  • Rapid Switching Time at 30 ms
  • Low Insertion Loss (< 1.5 dB)
  • Low Wavelength Dependent Loss (< 0.3 dB)
  • O, C and L band operation
  • USB 2.0 Interface


Luna - LEDs Emitters

Luna Optoelectronics’ high-quality LED’s and LED-based illumination systems are perfect for many applications.  Output, reliability, and wavelength optimization are core elements of our LED illumination technology.
From UV to IR, we have the ability to provide highly-efficient illumination for medical, industrial, defense and other applications.  Utilizing our unique systems design capabilities, Luna Optoelectronics can also provide completely tunable light sources that can replicate virtually any part of theUV-IR spectrum.


Luna - Mode Conditioners

  • These mode conditioners offer the best possible insertion loss and return loss specifications available and are specifically designed to yield the most meaningful measurements of bend losses in multimode fiber (when used with Luna’s OBR). 
  • The MC02000-series mode conditioners are also more conducive for portable measurement applications, as they are smaller and more rugged. 
  • FC/APC single mode to FC/APC multi-mode fiber.


Luna - Model OBR 4200 - Optical Backscatter Reflectometer

  • Verify quality of optical fiber cable assemblies, connectors and short-run networks
  • Troubleshoot and distinguish between macro-bends, splices, connectors and breaks
  • Locate insertion loss points – save hours of troubleshooting time
  • Verify return loss of multiple points in a fiber assembly or harness simultaneously
  • Verify and maintain aircraft and shipboard networks
  • Customize GUI for automated pass/fail verification of your fiber assembly using software development ki


Luna - Model OBR 4600 - Optical Backscatter Reflectometer

  • Easily locate, identify and troubleshoot macro-bends, splices, connectors and breaks
  • Locate Insertion Loss points at every point in the network or assembly – eliminate cut-back
  • Look inside components to evaluate each interface for RL and IL
  • Measure 30 m with 10 µm resolution in less than 7 seconds
  • Continuously measure a 1 m segment at up to 3 Hz
  • Test and troubleshoot short-run networks (< 2 km)
  • Automate pass/fail verification of fiber assemblies
  • Monitor distributed temperature and strain profiles along network or inside a component or module


Luna - Model OBR 5T-50 - Optical Backscatter Reflectometer

  • Industry-leading combination of measurement speed, range, accuracy and resolution.
    • 11.9 Hz acquisition rate
    • 8.5 meter measurement range
    • 0.015% length measurement accuracy
    • 20 micron spatial resolution 
  • Streamlined Graphical User Interface + Software Development Kit included
    • Optimize throughput with customized interface
  • Automatically locates reflective events and yields RL, IL and event location


Luna - Multi-Element Photodiodes

Luna Optoelectronics specializes in the design and manufacture of custom photodiode arrays. By combining multiple elements into various configurations, photodetector arrays offer enhanced detection performance for applications such as scanning, process monitoring, low-resolution imaging, liquid level sensing, missile guidance, and many others.
We can provide high-performance, cost-effective solutions for any requirement. We manufacture photodiodes and photocells using a number of materials including Si, InGaAs, and CdS, allowing us to create solutions for detector system requirements across a wide spectrum.


Luna - ODiSI 5.0 Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogator

  • High definition strain and temperature measurement system for unprecedented visibility into a design’s performance
  • Low profile and flexible sensor can be embedded within composite structures and points
  • Corrosion resistant, dielectric and immune to EMI/RFI
  • An economical alternative to replace traditional point sensing systems
  • No degradation of measurement after high cycle count fatigue test Sensor lengths up to 20 meters and gage lengths as low as 1.3 mm
  • Two sensing options: High-Definition as standard and High-Speed Continuous Fiber Gratings (CFG) option for greater dynamic capability
  • User selectable modes allow configuration of sensor length, resolution, and acquisition rate
  • Stream data directly to MTS AeroProTM


Luna - Optocouplers

Luna Optoelectronics’ optocouplers are ideally suited for high performance audio circuits. Most “design-ins” have demonstrated proven performance benefits over silicon based audio control devices such as VCAs and FETs.
The optocoupler is a very cost-effective way to improve the performance of your audio equipment.