ProjectionWorks is a product of Delta Sigma Company.  DSC is located in the NW Atlanta Metro area, in Kennesaw, Georgia.  Our facility houses both engineering and production areas.  The engineers and technicians at DSC are hard at work every day designing new ways to build airplanes faster, more accurately, at a lower cost, and with less rework than ever before.
If you have a complex product with a production rate such that an assembly or sub-assembly stays in a work cell, then ProjectionWorks will likely improve your assembly process by reducing your span time, reducing rework, and most of all reducing your costs. 
Another type application where ProjectionWorks is very helpful is situations where even though a part may be in a work cell for as little a day, it has so many components, and especially if those components must be selected or modified based on measured values to allow for tolerance stack-ups from prior assembly stages, then ProjectionWorks can very likely improve your productivity.
If your assembler must make regular references to drawings, manuals, or other instructions; then putting those instructions on the part, in color, in full scale 3D, at the precise moment they are needed will certainly make the process go faster while yielding higher quality results
Delta Sigma Company (DSC) seeks to remain at the cutting edge of technological advancement in the field of complex assembly automation worldwide, enhancing both public sector and private industry efficiency.  DSC's technological contributions to the aerospace industry since its founding in 1990 have led to significant advancements in aircraft assembly automation, but the potential of ProjectionWorks to increase the efficiency of production lines in nearly every industry has opened up new doors for us and this technology.  ProjectionWorks will give our customers a strategic competitive advantage resulting from the versatility, flexibility, and efficiency that our systems contribute to any technologically advanced assembly program.

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ProjectionWorks - AssemblyWorks Software

AssemblyWorks enables manufacturing engineers to write the "manufacturing script" for an assembly process and display that script directly onto the target assembly.

ProjectionWorks - HarnessWorks

HarnessWorks adds visual step by step instructions directly to the harness board. Import your harness drawings directly from your existing design software, add any helpful tips and text, and guide your technicians through the build process.

ProjectionWorks - PaintWorks Software

  • View the paint scheme projected onto the vehicle for customer/internal approval prior to masking
  • Paint highly complex schemes with precision and repeatability across entire fleets
  • Reduce paint masking time substantially
  • Eliminate guesswork and inconsistencies from paint masking
  • Minimize rework
  • Accurately masking projected lines requires less skill than current tracing method
  • Increase complexity of paint schemes without increasing time spent or requiring master painters
  • Standardize workforce and results across multiple locations