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AR’s state-of-the-art multi-tone systems are designed to test RF Radiated and Conducted Immunity faster than ever before. Both the MT2IEC10V3M and MT4IEC10V3M fully comply with IEC 61000-4-3:2020 Edition 4, allowing for multiple tone testing, reducing test time by up to 74%. Commercial, aviation, and automotive industries, will perform RF radiated and conducted immunity testing faster, more accurately, more efficiently, and more closely to a real-world environment. 
We have complete standard and custom test systems that perform entire radiated immunity tests with just the press of a few buttons. Everything you need – amplifiers, antennas, couplers, signal generators, system controllers, receivers, and more, along with the software to control it – all in one comprehensive system.
If you are tired of mixing and matching various components, try AR’s complete line of RF Conducted Immunity Test Systems. We now make one fully configured and standalone CI System from 4 kHz to 400 MHz with output powers designed to meet the latest commercial, custom, and military standards. In addition, AR provides configurable systems meeting your specific requirements of increased power and frequency range. Each CI System has the built-in flexibility to conduct standard and customized tests, using our user-friendly software (emcware®) that can generate reports directly into Microsoft® Word or Excel.