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These rugged, dependable high gain log periodic antennas give you the constant high intensity fields you need for RFI and EMI testing in and out of a shielded room. They deliver frequency response and field intensity beyond the norm. AR’s log periodics are designed for high power radiated testing and can be calibrated for emissions.  Their lightweight modular design makes assembly and relocation easy. And they’re built tough, so they can withstand extreme temperatures.
AR E-field generators offer exceptional uniformity between the elements. Our ATE10K30M uses low inductance high-power internal load resistors to terminate RF power, and offers well-matched input VSWR. The ATE10K100M is our own patent-pending folded-dipole type design. And we haven’t yet found a test object the ATE10K25M–1 can’t handle.
Our RF horn antennas exhibit increasing gain, with frequency up to 18 dBi at 1000 MHz, helping to compensate for losses that occur elsewhere in an RF test system. Use these antennas in shielded rooms or free space.
AR Microwave horns take microwave coverage to a new level. Our broadband RF and microwave horn antennas are specially designed to compensate for the losses that typically occur in test systems as frequency increases. They exhibit increasing gain with increasing frequency, up to 50 GHz. AR microwave horn antennas can be used in shielded rooms or in free space.
Field strength varies based on the frequency and position of your antenna. Mounting your antenna to a tripod allows for easy rotation of the antenna to the desired position. All of our antennas are designed to mount easily on a tripod or to a mounting plate. Antenna mounting adapters are also available for older versions of the AT1000, AT1080, and AT5080 antennas. Positioners are available for the larger horn antennas. All of these devices allow for vertical and horizontal polarization changes without removing the antenna from the tripod/positioner.
Brandywine Communications offers a wide variety of GPS antennas to accompany our products for a variety of applications. Contact your Brandywine Sales representative with your requirements so that we can help choose the right antenna for the job.
The TEM horn antenna is an antenna used for conducting close proximity radiation immunity evaluation test (near electromagnetic field immunity test) of electromagnetic waves radiated from various wireless transmitters such as mobile devices.
Thin plate broadband antenna has been developed for efficient immunity testing against hand-held transmitters and cellular phones. Many pieces of spot frequency antennas had to be used in turn thus fur. This new Thin-plate Broadband Antenna is a single antenna solution eliminating the need for antenna changes and dramatically reducing the test time. Furthermore, this antenna with its small-size and lightweight properties and a flexible handle is suitable for testing in narrow spaces.