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Oscilloscopes, Probes, Pulse Measurement

The oscilloscope has been a primary tool for electronic design engineers since the invention of that instrument, many years ago. The first decades of oscilloscopes were “analog” in nature.

In this video, we walk you through the installation process of the Teledyne LeCroy MAUI Studio oscilloscope software. For additional information visit,

In this video, we show how to use LabNotebook with the Teledyne LeCroy MAUI Studio oscilloscope software. With LabNotebook, you can save your signals, setups and screenshots to share with a colleague or add to a report. For additional information visit,

In this video, we show how you can use scripts to exchange data in real time between Teledyne LeCroy MAUI Studio oscilloscope software and third-party applications like MATLAB, Excel and LabVIEW. For additional information visit,

Vision Solutions

Delivering consistently accurate results is integral for the flexographic industry. When a customer in this industry sought to update their analog inspection system, they sought the expertise of ClearView Imaging and Matrox® Imaging to provide an automated vision-system-driven mounting machine. Comprising a Matrox Imaging vision controller and software, this customized system is able to locate precise targets on flexographic plates, using advanced illumination techniques and software tools to address noise, locate shapes, and matching patterns.

Embedded Computing, Thermal Solutions

Embedded computing systems are rapidly increasing in power densities, making thermal solutions a major design concern. In most cases, designers prefer a predominantly conduction cooled approach, which provides the highest reliability.

ACT’s Isothermal Card Edge, or ICE-Lok™ wedgelocks, are designed to enhance card-to-chassis conduction by enhancing the heat flow through the wedgelocks by making additional contact between the card and the chassis. Learn more about ICE-Lok™ and see how it is utilized to improve thermal efficiency in embedded computing systems. ICE-Lok™ is a patented product. Copyright ACT 2018. All rights reserved.

Current probes

Teledyne LeCroy current probes are supported on every channel of every oscilloscope we make for the widest view of all your signals.

  • 30 - 500 A input with high sensitivity for precise low-current measurements
  • Powered from the oscilloscope, no external power supply required
  • Like using your 3rd-party probe/sensor? Use the CA10 to adapt it to Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes

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Power Rails, Oscilloscopes

For the most efficient validation, get the most analog channels and longest memory to capture your entire power sequence.

  1. Start with WaveRunner 8000HD’s 8 analog channels, 16 with our OscilloSYNC™ option.
  2. Add MSO capability for 16 digital lines, no sacrifice of analog channels.
  3. Use 5 Gpts memory to capture the entire power on/off sequence.
  4. Use automated measurements with Pass/Fail testing to validate timing over multiple acquisitions.

Watch the video to see how.

Test Chambers

Test chambers that never compromise on performance, safety, or environmental responsibility

Not all chambers offer the same performance or quality. All reverberation, fully and semi-anechoic chambers provided by AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation, offer customers the highest level of performance, quality, and support. One unique advantage is the pan shield design, which allows for premium performance and seamless construction over older designs techniques, such as wood core shielded chambers. The pan-type shield's baseline performance is far more reliable and exceeds 100 dBA level of attenuation up to 40 GHz without any modifications or add-ons. This performance provides an excellent testing environment for your testing needs.

Click here to view video.

Microwave, mmWave, Cables

Selecting the right cable is crucial for both Microwave and mmWave applications. Indeed, measurements are not accurate nor reliable unless appropriate cables are used. This video outlines how to select the most appropriate cable for any given purpose.

Microwave, mmWave, Phase Stability, Cables

During microwave and mmWave measurement processes, a cable's reliability – particularly its phase stability – is critical. Junkosha has developed a cable with minimal phase fluctuation against bending, which has been achieved through innovative materials and processing technology.

Phase Stability, Digital Transmission, Cables

When measuring the performance of the DUT, if the shift of the data transmission timing – also known as skew – occurs between multiple cable connections, the performance of the DUT cannot be accurately determined. Junkosha has developed a stable transmission rate cable against bending.

Cables, Phase Stability, Temperature Changes, Microwave, mmWave

Cable reliability, especially phase stability against Temperature change, is of critical importance in microwave and mmWave measuring. Junkosha has developed cables with excellent phase stability against temperature change through innovative materials and processing technology.


Cable flexibility is important for stable measurement and wiring efficiency between the measuring equipment and device under test. Junkosha provides flexible and low resilience coaxial cables which improve workability with complex wiring and reduces the risk of damage to the instruments and DUT.

Heat pipes

Are Heat Pipes the Answer to Your Thermal Issues?

Heat Pipes are one of the most efficient ways to move heat, or thermal energy, from one point to another. These two-phase systems are typically used to cool high power electronics, even in outer space. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more about designing and modeling heat pipes into your project.

What you get:

  • Answers to common questions about how to integrate heat pipes and best practices
  • An in-depth heat pipe calculator tutorial
  • Heat pipe modeling How-To's
  • Types of heat pipes and working fluids you may not have known were available

Sealed Enclosures, Cooling Solutions

As electrical/automation and control systems components become more compact and complex the internal enclosure heat loads are increasing. PLC’s, starters and drives are some of the major generators of heat in an enclosure. There are many challenges in the way we choose to keep the enclosures cool. ACT has developed a series of heat exchangers and air conditioners that are environmentally sealed to cool and protect the internal cabinet components from water, airborne chemical, and particulate contaminants.

Watch now for an in-depth discussion on sealed enclosure cooling technology options. We will discuss both above and below ambient cooling technologies, how they are selected and how they are installed. We will conduct live demonstrations of each ACT sealed enclosure cooling family so you can compare sizes and options. We will encourage questions and discussion as if you were with us, in person, at a trade show!


Thermal Control, Thermal Solutions, Thermal Management, Medical Devices
Heat pipes, Thermal Management, Space Applications

Heat pipes have been used for spacecraft thermal control for decades; however, the technology is continuously evolving. Heat Pipes are often selected due to their combination of thermal performance, low mass, and high reliability. This webinar will explore several variants including ammonia Constant Conductance Heat Pipes (CCHPs), Variable Conductance Heat Pipes (VCHPs), Loop Heat Pipes (LHPs) and Space Copper-Water Heat Pipes (SCWHPs). Each technology option provides a unique benefit for the spacecraft architecture.

This webinar will dive into details to help aerospace engineers select and apply the appropriate technology- exploring considerations such as including heat flux, transport distances, geometry and mass. Our subject experts will also be available after the webinar for specific questions on your application.