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Small form factor rugged mini PCs designed in secure, compact enclosures to enhance performance and adaptability alongside evolving workloads. ION Mini PCs are designed to enhance performance, scalability, and security for the most complex application and program demands. Harsh-environment Protection - All key components are stress-tested to pass stringent military standards, ensuring stability in harsh environments. Server-class Features - A Mini PC powerhouse with server-class specs like IPMI for remote management and virtualization for increased flexibility and scalability. Full Control & Customization - Our in-house software engineers can tweak BIOS source code to bolster firmware security and meet your exact needs.
A family of fanless, durable, SWaP-C optimized small form factor mission computers providing maximum ruggedization, processing, storage, and security at the edge across the modern, multidomain battlespace. Ready for Extremes - Lightweight, sealed, and designed to operate between -40°C and +70°C in harsh environments Military-grade Connectors - Protect against dust, dirt, debris, and water as well as electromagnetic interference Zero-trust Architected - Hardware-based security measures encrypt and isolate data as it is being processed.