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Available in 30MHz, 40MHz, 60MHz, 80MHz, 120MHz, 200MHz, 350MHz and 500MHz models All models feature 2 channels Max Sampling rate of 150 Msa/s (30MHz & 60 MHz) 1.2 Gsa/s (40MHz, 80MHz, 120MHz) and 2.4 Gsa/s (200MHz, 350MHz and 500MHz) models. Up to 16-bit vertical resolution (14-bit on 30MHz & 60MHz models). All models have 4.3" Touchscreens. Excellent analog and digital modulation types available (AM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, PSK, FSK, ASK and PWM)
150 MHz, 2 analog channels  8 synchronized digital channels (T3AWG2152-D only)  16-bit vertical resolution  128 MPts @Ch waveform memory  Max sampling rate of 600 MS/s
Available in 250 MHz and 350 MHz models 2, 4 and 8 channel modes 16-bit vertical resolution Max Sampling rate of 1.2 GS/s Max sinewave frequency of 250 MHz and 350 MHz respectively
2, 4 and 8 channel configurations  16-bit vertical resolution  Sample Rate up to 12,32 GS/s with RF mode  16-bit vertical resolution.  4 GSample waveform memory per channel  Up to 5 Vpp Output Voltage and ±2.5 V Baseline Offset (into 50?)