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Advanced Illumination’s AD-I3-CGX2 adaptor cable is for connecting I3/I3S configured lights with Cognex Gen2 Cameras. By default, an I3/I3S controller can connect directly to a Cognex Gen1 Camera but needs this adaptor to connect to a Cognex Gen2 Camera.
Eliminating all but a narrow band of light (+/- 40nm) centered on the specified wavelength, band pass filters are used to enhance colors, or to stop unwanted ambient light from reaching the camera. Filtering can replace existing shrouds, simplifying the physical set up of an inspection site. Ai offers 660nm and 635nm band pass filters to fit a number of different lens sizes.
Securely connects the SL112 or SL162 to Moritex, Dolan-Jenner, and Fostec fiber optic light guides Set screws are included
Detented, 30 position potentiometer for repeatable dimming Built in DIN-rail or panel mounting feature
For applications requiring power cables longer than the standard 2 meters provided with Ai lights. Standard cable lengths are 3, 5, 9 and 15 meters.
The LN112-30 Lens Adaptor is used for creating a 30° focused beam spread when attached to a SL112 or SL162.
To simplify the mounting process, Ai offers a line of camera brackets for positioning lights under or around the camera lens. Most brackets are designed to be held in place by the same screw that secures the camera.
0 – 100% intensity control For use with lights built with an ICS 2 after 3/1/2012 NOT COMPATIBLE with LLI37, BLI38, LLI67, and BLI68 “IC” Lights
Universal input switching supply 24v regulated current DC – runs on 110-220v AC Power indicator light
For use with the SL256 Pattern Projecting Spot Lights Five field-replaceable standard patterns available 0.050mm line width photolithography
Bias tees with a perfect balance of RF performance and DC power handling Auriga’s Bias Tees balance impressive RF performance with heavy-duty power handling across multiple frequency bands ranging from 100 MHz to 67 GHz. They are designed for rigorous usage without sacrificing RF performance. Only the highest-quality materials are used to minimize signal loss and enable efficient heat removal.
Noise measurements allow the determination of the four Noise Parameters of a device (transistor). Focus’ Noise Modules integrate well with various third party noise receivers.