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IntelliPower - FA00003 Power Conditioner

Input AC, Input Frequency Input and Output AC, Output Frequency Output, Double Conversion, On-Line, Isolated Rugged UPS with Power Factor Correction for Military Applications...

IntelliPower - FA00034 Power Conditioner

3000 VA, 2100 Watts, 85 thru 265 VAC, 40 to 400 Hz Input and 120 VAC, 60 Hz Output, Double Conversion, On-Line, Isolated, Rugged Power Conditioner with Power Factor Correction for...

IntelliPower - FA00046 Power Conditioner

Rugged Rack Mount Double Conversion On Line Isolated Power Conditioning System with Power Factor Correction (No batteries)  

IntelliPower - FA00094 Power Conditioner

Global, Isolated, 124/240VAC & 24VDC Input, Converter/Conditioner with120VAC, 60Hz Output, Rugged, Rack Mount, Double Conversion On-Line Power Converter Conditioning System...

IntelliPower - FA00105 Power Conditioner

Rack Mount Isolated Input Bright Power Conditioner Double Conversion On Line System with Frequency Conversion and Power Factor Correction  

IntelliPower - FA00109 Power Conditioner

3000 VA, 3000 Watts, Input AC at 120 VAC, Input Frequency at 60 Hz and Output AC at 120 VAC, Output frequency at 60 Hz changer, Double Conversion, On-Line, Isolated, Rugged Power...

IntelliPower - FA00111 Power Conditioner

High Temp Frequency Converter, Power Conditioner Rugged Rack Mount Double Conversion On Line with Isolation and Power Factor Correction  

IntelliPower - FA00142 Power Conditioner

1100VA, 740W, 90-265VAC, 45-400Hz Input and 120VAC 60Hz Output, Rack-Mount Power Conditioner  

IntelliPower - FA10022 Power Conditioner

1500VA, 1050W, 120VAC 45-450Hz Input and 120VAC 60Hz Output, Double Conversion, On-Line, High Temperature, Isolated, Rugged IPC with Power Factor Correction for Military...

IntelliPower - FA100555 Power Conditioner

2000VA, 1500W, 120/240VAC 50/60Hz Input and 120VAC 60Hz Output  

IntelliPower - FA10099 Power Conditioner

Global Input, Rugged, Rack Mount Double Conversion On-Line Isolated Power Conditioning System with Power Factor Correction  

IntelliPower - FA10511 Power Conditioner

2500VA, 2.0KW, 120 VAC 60 Hz Input, 120 VAC, 60 Hz Output, Frequency Follower, Galvanic Isolation, Power Factor Corrected, Rack Unit, 2U High x 17" Wide x 21" Deep...

  • Identify complex signal problems fast
  • Supports accurate measurements on VFDs using a low-pass filter
  • Captures intermittents as fast as 250 µS with Peak Capture

  • High temperature infrared thermometer that measures from -30°C to 900°C (-22°F to 1652°F)
  • Offers an ultra-high 60:1 distance-to-spot ratio with dual laser sighting for fast, accurate targeting
  • Features a user-selectable multi-language interface
  • Displays the temperature plus MAX, MIN, DIF, AVG temperature
  • Provides adjustable emissivity and a predefined emissivity table

  • Withstands drops up to 4-meters (13 feet) with industrial strength casing and holster
  • Waterproof, dustproof IP67 case for the most extreme work sites
  • Premium TL175 TwistGuard™ test leads
  • Double the battery life of the 87V (up to 800 hours); backlit keys for dark environments

The Fluke 1742, 1746 and 1748 Three-Phase Power Quality Loggers are the best tools to troubleshoot, quantify energy usage and analyze power distribution systems in a fast, easy and safe way.
  • Measure key power quality parameters: Measures harmonics and interharmonics for voltage and current, also includes unbalance, flicker and rapid voltage changes.
  • Measure with premium accuracy: Meets the rigorous IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Edition 3 standard for ‘Testing and measurement techniques–Power quality measurement methods.'
  • One-touch reporting: Create standardized reports according to commonly used standards like EN 50160, IEEE 519, GOST 33073 or export data in PQDIF or NeQual compatible format for use with third party software using the included Fluke Energy Analyze Plus Software.

Discover sources of electrical energy waste, identify energy savings opportunities, and conduct load studies.
  • Key measurements: Automatically capture and log voltage, current, power, power factor, energy and associated values
  • Convenient instrument powering: You can power the instrument directly from the measured circuit instead of mains outlets
  • Highest safety rating in the industry: 600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III rated for use at the service entrance and downstream