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Configurable and SWaP-C optimized with maximum storage capacity, processing power, and intelligence, our ruggedized, TAA-compliant BAM servers are the perfect solutions to accelerate and sustain ever-evolving applications Leading Performance CPUs - Supports dual Intel® 3rd Gen Xeon® SP CPUs with hardware-based encryption for enhanced compute and networking. High-end GPUs and FPGAs - Supports multiple double-wide, high-end Intel® and NVIDIA® GPUs and FPGAs to accelerate AI/ML/DL workloads at the edge. Fast NVMe SSDs - Supports up to 8 high-speed NVMe or 9 SAS/SATA SSDs to increase read/write speeds (FIPS 140-2/3 available).
Secure, compact, scalable fixed, front-removable, or rear-removable blade servers made right here in the USA that maximize performance and adaptability for evolving applications Size - Up to four server blades within a single rugged enclosure help efficiently utilize rack space. Weight - Compact system design reduces overall weight of rack server infrastructure. Power - Shared resources optimize hardware usage and limit power requirements. Cost - Modularity and increased footprint lower hardware and maintenance costs.
A highly scalable, compact, secure, rugged rack server with the latest high-performance computing technologies to ensure peak performance and adaptability for a variety of ever-changing applications.
1U - 2U rugged rack servers supporting standard and non-standard form factor motherboards in any CPU architecture. Designed for maximum interoperability with today’s common building blocks to allow you to craft a bolstered server with lots of I/O options.