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Verify quality of optical fiber cable assemblies, connectors and short-run networks Troubleshoot and distinguish between macro-bends, splices, connectors and breaks Locate insertion loss points – save hours of troubleshooting time
Ultra-high resolution (10 μm sampling) reflectometer with “zero dead zone”. Measure RL, IL, distributed loss, length, polarization states, phase derivative and group delay 80 dB dynamic range 
Fully portable and rugged OBR Track and analyze return loss (RL) and insertion loss (IL) versus length Measure length and latency with high precision Spatial sampling resolution down to 80 μm
True Differential TDR with <3mm Spatial Resolution  Small Form Factor and Battery Powered  S Parameters up to 15 GHz  35 ps Rise Time  Up to 50,000 points long memory  Emerging Serial Data Standards Testing