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Best price per contact – typically over one million (1,000,000) touchdowns RF/Microwave signal is shielded and completely air isolated in the probe body Excellent performance in vacuum environments and temperatures as low as 4 K, or as high as 300°C
Replace costly and inflexible test fixtures with easy-to-use probe tips Long lifetime – typically over 1,000,000 contacts GS/SG footprint up to 4 GHz and GSG up to 20 GHz High-power RF test: up to 30 Watts
High power – 66 W at 2.4 GHz and 43 W at 5 GHz Extremely low insertion loss of ≤ 0.4 dB (typical) up to 40 GHz Excellent contact control and low contact resistance High performance on any pad material (Al or Au)
Unique Air Coplanar tip design with choice of beryllium copper (BeCu) or tungsten tip material DC to 110 GHz models available in single and dual line versions Low insertion and return loss with ultra-low-loss ( -L ) versions Excellent crosstalk characteristics
Functional temperature range of -263 to +150°C Stainless steel tip material for thermal decoupling Coaxial cable with TCE matched inner and outer conductors Consistent tip geometry even at cryogenic temperatures
Combination of DC and RF in a single probe module: One dual probe or a maximum of three RF; a maximum of 9 DC standard (other quantities upon request). Utilizes ACP tip design, GSG, GS or SG RF tips available from DC to 110 GHz Choice of BeCu or tungsten tips
The CSR family of calibration substrates delivers the highest accuracy available due to the high quality of each substrate. The calibration standards are manufactured using rugged, hard gold, which ensures a long lifetime.
Power bypass inductance: 8 nH Standard DCQ probes have flat tip needles available in nickel-plated tungsten or BeCu with diameters of 0.75 mil, 1.0 mil and 1.5 mil. Supports collinear and non-standard needle configurations
High-quality construction with low-noise electrical performance Kelvin version for convenient 4-point measurements Replaceable coaxial probe tips, with choice of tip radii, and full electrical guard to the probe tip SSMC 50 connectors
Ultra-low, fA-level current and fF-level capacitance measurements from -65 °C to + 300 °C Guarantees fully-guarded measurements to fA and fF levels Individual connectors provide force-sense connection for quasi-Kelvin and CV measurements
High performance power bypassing provides low-impedance and resonant-free connections to 20 GHz RF bandwidth to 500 MHz Long probe life: > 250,000 contacts Beryllium-copper tips for gold pads or tungsten for aluminum pads
DC-40 GHz bandwidth 10 ps rise time Low insertion and return loss 2 mils of tip-to-tip compliance