White Papers

Medical Devices, Cooling Solutions
The term “Medical Device” covers an expansive range of applications ranging from large MRI machines to hand-held surgical devices and diagnostic tools. These pieces of hardware can be orders of magnitude different in size and power output, so it stands to reason that there is no ‘one size fits all’ cooling solution that is suitable for all medical devices. Learn more about thermal considerations for your next design build or your design iteration of an existing program.
Machine vision, Photometric stereo
Objects with unique 3D aspects can make identifying surface defects with standard machine vision configurations more difficult. One solution to achieve feature-appropriate surface contrast is Photometric Stereo.
Data Processing Units (DPU), SmartNIC
Big data centers use Smart Network Interface Cards (SmartNICs) to boost network performance by offloading the networking, storage, and security functions from server CPUs to the SmartNIC’s Data Processing Unit (DPU).  This strategy can seriously reduce costs but a clear, concise test program is needed to verify all the components function as intended.  This White Paper explains how to test the performance of DPUs and SmartNICs using Ethernet Traffic Generators and Network Emulators.
Multiplexed Transmissions
We demonstrate 12 x 12 multiple-input multiple-output mode multiplexed transmission over 130-km of few-mode fiber of a combined 6-space-, 2-polarization-, and 8-wavelength-division multiplex, using low-loss photonic lantern and 3D-waveguide mode multiplexers.
Digital Signal Processing
We transmit 32 WDM channels over 12 spatial and polarization modes of 177 km few-mode fiber at a record spectral efficiency of 32 bit/s/Hz. The transmitted signals are strongly coupled and recovered using 12 x 12 multiple-input multiple-output digital signal processing.