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Accurate return loss (RL) and insertion loss (IL) analyzer Track and analyze return loss (RL) and insertion loss (IL) versus length Analyze components in both reflection and transmission Spectral analysis of IL and RL
Single scan measurement of IL, RL and PDL High resolution (1.6 pm) and sensitivity (80 dB dynamic range) Integrated tunable light source Measure in transmission or reflection
Distributed reflectivity measurement Event detectionLarge RL range High spatial resolution Clear identification of large and small peaks enables easier data interpretation
Single measurement, all-parameter analysis Full characterization of components in less than 3 seconds Complete polarization response With single scan, simultaneously measure loss, polarization, dispersion, phase and time domain response
30 ms measurement speed Wide wavelength range High PDL accuracy OLED display and analog output
User calibration function to optimize DOP and SOP accuracies at arbitrary wavelengths and temperatures Real time Poincaré Sphere display, analog voltage output for SOP/DOP/power for ATE integration Data logging of SOP up to 1 billion points
Flexible setup for different measurements Simultaneous measurement of DGD, SOPMD, PDL Jones or Mueller Matrix methods Free space PSA input enables absolute SOP measurements
High crosstalk sensitivity High spatial resolution Large fiber measurement range