Demo Units for Sale

Mfg Part Number Part Description Qty Stock
Abaco Systems PMC-0247RC-001204 Abaco SATA II 32GByte Solid State Disk Drive 1
Advanced Illumination AL4424-660 Broad Area Linear Array (BALA) LED Illuminator; 4 1
Advanced Illumination CL163A-0091 27'' Line Light White LED 24 Volt Custom Built 1
Advanced Illumination RL4260-660100 Ring Light LED Illuminator; 3.94" O.D., Red,  100m 1
ASI Corp P65-MDDAP64F Matrox P65-MDDAP64 Millenium P650 Low-Profile PCI 1
Daitron IFB-EX232 Daitron Intertest Interface 2" x 2" Board 1
Dualos NEO801B-P-10 Stainless Steel Hydraulic Adapter; Male to Male, 4 1
Dualos NEO801F-P-10 Stainless Steel Hydraulic Adapter; Male to Male, S 3
Dualos NEO801F-P-16 Stainless Steel Hydraulic Adapter; Male to Male, S 1
Dualos NEO805C-P-04 Stainless Steel Hydraulic Adapter; Male to Male, 9 1
Dualos S781Z004A24 Eaton Gamah S 781Z004 A24 457
Dualos TL1052-12A Hydraflow TL1052-12A 319
Dualos TL1052-32A Hydraflow TL1052-32A 1,336
Dytran 5340 Dytran Variable Capacitance Accelerometer (5340) 1
Fluke 5075603 Fluke 5075603, FLK-II900, Sonic Industrial Imager 1
Fluke FLK-LENS/TELE1 Fluke 3441176; Telephoto Infrared Lens for Ti32 an 2
Fluke FLK-LENS/WIDE1 Fluke 3441183; Wide-Angle Infrared Lens for Ti32 1
Fluke FLK-TI-TRIPOD Fluke Tripod Mounting Base Accessory 1
Impact Computers A5W38AV#ABA HP Power Supply Adapter 1
Malabar PSIDI-OPT-PTFEHOSE Recommend Alternate 30 Ft. Hose Material; Malabar 1
Malabar PSIDI-OPT-RESFILL Cart Reservoir Fill: Stainless Steel Valve, Fittin 1
Matrox DH44-TO-8BNC/O* Matrox Cable; 6' (1.82m), DBHD-44 to 8 BNCs and Op 1
Matrox GE1200 Matrox GatorEye Camera with 1280 x 960 at 22fps 1/ 1
Matrox GT300* Matrox Iris GT Smart Camera with Monochrome 640 x 1
Matrox GT-CBL-ETH/5* Matrox 16.4' or 5m Ethernet Cable for Matrox Gator 1
Matrox GT-CBL-PWR/3* Matrox 9.8' or 3m Cable for Matrox GatorEye to Con 1
Matrox GTR5000C Matrox Iris GTR Smart Camera with Color 2592x2048 1
Matrox GTR5000-STR-KIT Matrox Iris GTR Starter Kit for GTR5000(C); Includ 1
Matrox GT-STARTER-KIT* Matrox Iris GT Starter Kit; Includes Power Supply, 1
Matrox HEL1MQHAL Helios PCI-X High-Frequency Analog Frame Grabber 1
Matrox HEL2MDBCL Helios Dual-BASE Camera Link® PCI-X Frame Grabber 1
Matrox HEL5MDBCLE Helios Dual-BASE Camera Link® PCIe x4 Frame Grabber 1
Matrox INDIO Matrox Indio PCIe x1 Card With 16 Real-Time Discre 1
Matrox IRIS-P300 Iris P-Series Vision Processor with VGA format CCD 1
Matrox METEOR2/4 Meteor-II Standard Analog Color/Mono PCI Frame Grabber 1
Matrox METEOR2-MC/4* Meteor-II Standard/Non-Standard Analog RGB/Mono Ar 4
Matrox MIL7DEVCEIRIS MIL Development Package for Windows CE .NET Runnin 1
Matrox MOR/2VD/J2K/A Morphis Standard Analog Color/Monochrome PCI Frame Grabber 1
Matrox MOR+/2VD/84 Standard Analog Color/Monochrome PCI Frame Grabber 1
Matrox OHD1G2S* Matrox Orion HD PCIe x16 Graphics Card with Two 1
Matrox RAP4G4C6 Matrox Rapixo CXP Quad CXP-6 Frame Grabber 1
Matrox SOL2MEVCLF* Matrox Solios Single Medium / Full, Up to 10-Taps 1
Matrox SOL6M1A Solios Analog PCI-X Frame Grabber with Single Input 1
Matrox SOL6MCL Solios Dual-Base or Single-Medium, Up to 66 MHz 1
Matrox SOL6MCLBE* Solios Single-Base, Up to 85MHz, Camera Link® PCIe 2
Navitar 1-61446 3 mm Fine Focus with Coax Body Tube 1
Navitar 1-61453 0.67X Standard Adapter 1
Navitar 1-6270 Universal Mounting Clamp for Use On Adapter Tubes 1
Navitar 1-62929 Navitar Demo Kit; Includes NAV-614, NAV-1614, NAV- 1
Navitar DO-1213 1 Inch Format C-Mount, 12mm, 1.3 F-Stop, Fixed Foc 1
Navitar DO-1795 1 Inch Format C-Mount, 17mm, 1.0 F-Stop, High Speed 1
Navitar DO-5095 1 Inch Format C-Mount, 50mm, 1.0 F-Stop, High Speed 1
Navitar DOZ-11110 Zoom Lenses with Manual Zoom, Focus and Iris 1
Navitar NAV-2514 2/3 Inch Format C-Mount, 25mm, 1.4 F-Stop, Fixed F 1
Navitar NAV-3520 35 mm with Manual Focus, Iris and Locking Screws 1
Navitar NAV-5028 50 mm with Manual Focus, Iris and Locking Screws 1
Other GPIB-USB GPIB-USB Controller, Drivers for Windows 98/ME/200 1
Other JA7591 PLATE9M16; 16" 9-Pin Serial to 10-Pin Motherboard 1
Other PSI-HPU 50 Ft Pwr Cord, 50 Ft Supply and Return Hose, 50 G 1
Other ROTARY Standard Rim Style Rotary 1
Other TL220 Industrial Test Lead Set, CAT III Rated, 1 Red, 1 1
Pleora Technologies 980-0001 Pleora Channel Partner Demo Kit for iPORT External 1
Redlake HD4020MF MegaPlus ES4020 Camera Head; 2048 x 2048, 7.4uM, 1 1
Sony FCBEH6300 Sony 2 Megapixel Block Camera; Full 1920 x 1080/30 1
Stay Online Corp 20815-C14-20 C14 Male, L6-20 Female, 2 Foot, 15A/250V 1
Stay Online Corp 20815-C15-30 L6-30 Male, C15 15A Female, 5 Foot, 15A/250V 1
Teledyne LeCroy WAVESURFER4054HD Teledyne Lecroy 500 MHz, 5 GS/s, 4 Ch, 12.5 Mpts/c 1
Teledyne LeCroy WS3104Z Teledyne Wavesurfer 1 GHz,4GS/s, 4 Ch, 10 Mpts/ch 1
Viavi Solutions, Inc. AVX-10K-CNS AVX-10K-CNS;AVX-10K CNS Flight Line Test Kit 2
Yokogawa 701966 Yokogawa Printer Paper, One A4 20 Meter Roll (Mini 3
Yokogawa 720921-D Yokogawa AC Adaptor UL/CSA Standard 1
Yokogawa B9850NX Yokogawa Printer Roll Paper (MOQ = 10 Rolls) 5
Yokogawa M1223UB-A Yokogawa Soft Case for DL9000 1