AMREL - PLW Series Water-Cooled Programmable DC Electronic Loads

AMREL - PLW Series Water-Cooled Programmable DC Electronic LoadsAMREL - PLW Series Water-Cooled Programmable DC Electronic LoadsAMREL - PLW Series Water-Cooled Programmable DC Electronic LoadsAMREL - PLW Series Water-Cooled Programmable DC Electronic Loads
  • Broadest Model Selection: 6kW, 9kW, 12kW, 18kW, 24kW, 36kW, Additional standard models above 36kW, up to 250kW, are available.
  • Standard 60V, 120V, 400V, 600V, 800V and 1000V Voltage Ratings
  • PLW Models Offer Ultra-compact Footprint and Boasts one of the industry’s highest power densities, 18kW in 2U.
  • Anti-condensation: Intelligent Fully-integrated Temperature Control Circuit and Solenoid Valve
  • Standard LabWindows and LabVIEW Drivers and SCPI Command Set


Traditional DC Electronic Load Solutions are bulky and large in size. Most are offered with standard voltage, current and power ratings. In the automated test equipment (ATE) world, rack space is a highly coveted asset and application demands are constantly diversifying with new technology development.

AMREL's PLW Series of “water-cooled” DC Electronic eLoads are capable of being custom-tailored to meet your specific application requirements. The PLW Series also offers a unique condensation protection design, the highest power density and current rating, as well as the widest selection of high-voltage models on the market.

PLW Series Features and Benefits

Closed-case Calibration

With the PLW eLoad line, there's no longer a need to send your electronic load back to the factory for calibration or to remove dozens of screws to reach a potentiometer. Simply follow the AMREL calibration routine from the front panel and you should be back up and running in a very short period of time (some electronic test equipment needed). This will virtually eliminate downtime and eradicate the annual cost associated with shipping your eLoad back to the factory for calibration.

Individual FET Protection

To ensure the reliability of the PLW Series, AMREL's design includes individual FET protection. A programmable electronic load may contain many FETs in parallel, which can create a cascading failure if one of them was to short out. AMREL's eLoad programmable electronic load design isolates failures so other components will not be affected or stressed, increasing the system's level of protection against catastrophic failure. With individual FET protection, the MTTR is reduced and the electronic load quickly returns to full operation.

Ultra-low Voltage Operation

The PLW design allows the programmable electronic load to operate at voltage levels approaching .1V. They will typically dissipate full rated current below 1% of their maximum rated voltage. For example, a 60V unit designed to dissipate 1500A will allow the user to operate at .6V and still dissipate the full amount.

More Product Information

AMREL - PLA Series Air-Cooled Programmable DC Electronic Loads
  • Broadest Model Selection: 800W to 7.5kW (higher power available up to 250kW Contact Factory)
  • Exclusive Voltage Models: 10V to 1200V
  • Multiple loads in one: Multiple ranges for voltage, current resistance and power
  • Intuitive Front Panel Control: Run sequences, triggers, constant current to constant power cross over

Sorensen - SL Series Single Input DC programmable Loads
  • Flexible Product Line
    • Low power DC modules
    • Low power AC / DC modules
    • High power DC modules
    • Stand along modules
  • Remote: GPIB, RS-232, Analog (DC only)
  • DC Modes: CC, CR, CV, CP
  • AC Modes: CR, CC with crest factor control
  • Dynamic mode with slew rate control
  • Flexible Data Feedback
  • Current monitor output (SLM DC only

California Instruments - 3091LD Series 3000VA Programmable AC Loads
  • Multi-mode AC Electronic Load Flexible solution for a wide range of AC power test applications
  • 3000 Watt Power Dissipation Master / Auxiliary configurations for higher power and multi phase applications
  • 50 to 350 V, 45 Hz to 440 Hz Commercial, Military and Avionics applications
  • Programmable Crest & Power Factor Test AC power products for real-world conditions
  • Built-in Measurements Eliminates the need for additional test equipment in bench or ATE applications
  • Remote Control IEEE-488 and RS232C Interface for automated test applications

AMETEK - Water Cooled Laser Power Current Source
Specially modified design allows:
  • Air to water heat exchanger added to system
  • True current source
  • Fast transient response
  • Little to no current overshoot
  • Low stored energy

NH Research - 4700 Series DC Electronic Load - High-Current DC Electronic Load for DC-DC Converter, Power Conversion, Fuel Cells, Batteries, V2G Testing, & More!
  • 8 sizes – 1 to 36kW @ 120 or 600V
  • High-resolution waveform capture for analysis of dynamic transients
  • 18 built-in, precision voltage, current, power and timing measurements that eliminate additional dedicated measurement instruments
  • Isolated digital inputs and outputs for test fixture support
  • PC/LAN control using LabVIEW & IVI drivers
  • Optional touch-panel user interface

NH Research - 4760 Series DC Electronic Load - High-Voltage DC Electronic Load for DC-DC Converter, Power Conversion, Fuel Cells, Batteries, V2G Testing, & More!
  • 600V, 1kW / 50A to 36kW / 1800A DC Loads
  • 3 Voltage and 2 current ranges
  • High accuracy 1 kW low power range
    – 100kSamp/s waveform capture
    – Overshoot / Undershoot
    – Rise-Time / Fall-Time / Settling-Time
  • Test fixture support
    – 4 digital outputs
    – 2 digital inputs
  • Complex load profile playback
  • Multiple hardware control options
    – Manual touch-panel user interface
    – emPower™ test executive
    – PC/LAN control using LabVIEW & IVI Drivers

Sorensen - HPX Series - 36kW-240kW High Power Extensible Programmable DC Series
  • High Power Density: Up to 150KW in a single bay rack-mount cabinet. Up to 240KW in a dual bay rack.
  • Fast Load Transient Response: Protection from undesired voltage excursions
  • Fast Slew Rate with exceptional rise/fall times for speed-critical applications
  • Low Ripple: Suitable for the most sensitive applications
  • Low Audible Noise: Temperature controlled variable speed fans
  • High accuracy: Voltage/current measurements without external DMMs
  • Modular architecture simplifies sparing and maintenance

Sorensen - DLM Series Programmable DC Power Supply
  • High Power Density : 3 kW and 4 kW models, 2U (3½” high), (19” wide); no top or bottom clearance spacing required
  • Preview Push-button : Overvoltage protection (OVP), voltage and current preview buttons
  • Remote Voltage Sense : Sense leads are easily connected to a solderless connector
  • Parallel or Series Operation Field configurable
  • Power Factor Correction ≥0.98 1 Ф 3kW

Sorensen - XPD Series 1/4 Rack Programmable DC Power Supplies
  • Analog programming
  • Universal input
  • Zero voltage “soft switching”
  • Power factor correction (PFC)
  • Front and rear connectors
  • Ten-turn front panel knobs
  • Remote sense with 5V line loss compensation
  • LabVIEW® and LabWindows® drivers