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Global Input, Rugged, Rack Mount, Double Conversion On Line UPS & Isolated Power Conditioning System with Frequency Conversion, Auto-select Input Voltage Select, Power Factor Correction, Front Panel Hot Swap Battery & SNMP Communications for Military Applications in a 1U Enclosure
7500VA, 5500W, 220VAC 1Ph 45-440Hz Isolated Input, 220VAC 60Hz Output, Freq Changer, 24BHS EBM, 3U25, Terminal Block AC Input Panel Mount, Terminal Block AC Ouput Panel Mount, SNMP, 2 x 2 Anderson EBP, Neutral Bonded, Double Conversion, Rugged, High Temperature, On-line UPS with Input Power Factor Correction
500VA, 350W, Global 110/220 VAC Input, Double Conversion, Rugged, Isolated, Rack Mount On Line UPS with 220VAC at 60Hz Output to provide Power Backup and Power Conditioning for Military Applications
3000 VA, 2700 W, 110/220 VAC at 60 Hz input and 220 VAC at 60 Hz output, double conversion, rugged, high temperature, isolated, on-line UPS with hot swap battery drawer and optional EBP, with power factor correction for Navy shipboard applications
1500VA, 1000W, 2 EA 115VAC, 60Hz Input & 115VAC, 60Hz, Outputs, Double Conversion, Rugged, High Temperature, Isolated, On -Line UPS System with Hot Swap Battery, Power Factor Correction and Discrete, Parallel Line Communications
UPS: 6000VA, 4800W, 220Vac 50Hz Isolated Input, 220Vac 50Hz Output. Freq Changer, EBP, 3U25.6, Aluminum, Cir Mil, SNMP, Relay Output, 2 x 2x2 Anderson, 2 x Cir Mil
2000VA, 1500W, 120/240VAC 50/60Hz Input, 120VAC 60Hz Output, Freq Changer, 12.8V9.6Ah (LiFePO4), 3U20, Steel, IEC-320 C20, RS-232, 4 x NEMA
500W, 120VAC 60Hz Input and 120VAC 60Hz and 12VDC Output, Frequency Changer, Isolated, Power Factor Corrected, Hot Swap 1U Rack Unit, 1.75" High x 17" Wide x 24" Deep, Rugged, Double Conversion, to Provide Power Conditioning for Industrial Applications
1500VA, 1000W, 120Vac 50/60Hz Isolated Input, 115Vac 50/60Hz Output UPS with Freq Follower, 5BHS, 3U20.5, Aluminum, Auto Start, Input Cir Mil, SNMP, 6 x Twist-Lock NEMA
2000VA, 1500W, 120/240VAC 50/60Hz Input and 120VAC 60Hz Output UPS
6000VA, 4500W, Global Wide Range, 1Ph 50 or 60Hz Isolated Input, 120 or 240 VAC 1Ph 60Hz Selectable Output, Freq Changer, 4U24, SNMP, w/ Anderson EBM, Double Conversion, Rugged, High Temperature, On-line UPS with External Battery
1500VA, 1050W, 120VAC 50/60hz Isolated Input, 120VAC 60hz Output, Freq Follower, 4BHS, 3U20.5, L5‐15p Corded, 4x NEMA L5‐15R, SNMP UPS