Brandywine - MMC Modular Master Clock System

Brandywine - MMC Modular Master Clock SystemBrandywine - MMC Modular Master Clock SystemBrandywine - MMC Modular Master Clock System
  • Redundant design with multiple signal paths built in for high-availability.
  • 12 expansion slots in the 2U version and 5 expansion slots in the 1U variant.
  • Industry-first GPS integrity checking
  • Unique optical crosslink architecture for either Master-Slave hierarchical setups or Master-Master crosschecking and failover
  • 2U version is operated by an intuitive touch-screen interface, a first for any master clock system.
  • All components are hot-swappable and are dual redundant.
  • The Output Signal modules are hot-swappable from the front and minimize the need to disconnect cables.


Brandywine’s Modular Master Clock System represents the next generation of modular timing systems, the MMC is a leap forward in design.

At the center of the MMC system are Brandywine’s powerful dual-redundant Master Clock Modules (MCM). Each MCM may be synchronized by a variety of reference sources and uses the selected reference to steer an embedded oscillator to provide stable and accurate time and frequency for the MMC. Multiple references can be prioritized with automatic failover. Uniquely, the MCM will also validate the GPS reference based upon the inherent stability of the MCM oscillator, providing hardening against possible GPS spoofing.

Available input reference selections include GPS (both C/A code and SAASM/M-Code receivers are supported), IRIG-B, Have Quick/1PPS and external 10 MHz.  In additional an MCM may be synchronized to up to 2 other MMC chassis using a fiber optic crosslink, this provides additional resiliency for the MMC time and frequency references.

The MMC supports multiple reference oscillator choices, including Rubidium (2U chassis only), Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) and Ovenized Oscillator (OCXO)

The output signals for the Modular Master Clock System are generated by up to 12 hot-swappable Output Signal Modules (OSM), and are ideal for custom solutions or future expansion.  Available modules include NTP, low-phase-noise frequency, time code modules such as IRIG A, B, G, H, and NASA 36, BCD, PPS, PPM, Have Quick as well as optical crosslink.

The MMC status and control is via a full color touch screen that allows control of the local chassis, as well as remote chassis that are connected via crosslink. Other control options are via a Windows application, and via SNMPv3.  User controls for the MMC are protected via password with encrypted storage. Network protocols also fully support privacy and authentication.

More Product Information

Brandywine - M212 1U Next Generation Master Clock System
  • Modular design with multiple reference paths built in for high-availability.
  • 6 expansion slots for customization and expansion.
  • Industry-first GPS integrity checking with Timewall™
  • Unique optical crosslink architecture for either Master-Slave hierarchical setups or Master-Master crosschecking and failover
  • LCD display and keypad for basic status and configuration – secure web browser for detailed setup.

Brandywine - PTP-8080 Eight Port PTP Grandmaster Clock
  • NTP time server
  • PTP v2 Grand Master Clock
  • PTP v2 Transparent Clock
  • PTP v2 Slave Clock
  • NTP client
    • PTP protocol supports:
    • Multicast
    • Layer 2 or IP
    • 2-step clock
    • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) or End-to-End (E2E) delay mechanism
  • Built-in GPS receiver (GMC variant) with time accuracy to absolute time < 50ns (with GPS lock)
  • PTP accuracy < 20 nanosecond (*)
  • 4 x 10/100/1000BASE-T(x) ports
  • 4 x 10/100/1000BASE-X combo ports
  • Wide operating temperature: [-40°F to 158°F] / [-40°C to 70°C]
  • 100-240AC power input
  • Network redundancy: RSTP protocol
  • Network management: Web, telnet, CLI and SNMP v1/v2/v3 with RMON
  • Multicast filtering: IGMP snooping or static multicast filters
  • IEEE802.1Q VLAN
  • Event notification: through Syslog, Email, and SNMP trap
(*) Accuracy per network hop.

Brandywine - Precision Time System (PTS)
  • Network Time Server
  • Dual Redundant Version Available
  • Complete Remote Network Control using Standard Web Browser
  • SA-ASM GPS Receiver
  • 10MHz, 1PPS IRIG B, Serial and Time Codes
  • Timing Accuracy 40ns rms to UTC
  • 1PPS, Have Quick Inputs

Brandywine - HPTS High Performance Timing System
  • Modular Timing System
  • Flexible
  • Upgradeable
  • Redundant
  • Hot Swappable Modules
  • High Accuracy
  • Network-Centric
  • Rugged
  • Environmentally Qualified
  • Automatic Propagation Delay Compensation
  • Flexible input reference – GPS, Have Quick, IRIG B

Brandywine - FOA-160 Multi-System GNSS Antenna Distribution Amplifier
  • 16 way Optical GPS/GLONASS Antenna Distributor
  • Dual Redundant Power Supplies
  • Alarm Output
  • Run secure GNSS antenna feeds within buildings up to 2000m

Brandywine - PTS-SAASM Precision Timing System - Combination M-Code & SAASM Version
  • Network Time Server
  • Dual Redundant Version Available
  • Complete Remote Network Control using Standard Web Browser
  • SAASM/M-Code GPS Receiver
  • 10MHz, 1PPS IRIG B, Serial and Time Codes
  • Timing Accuracy 40ns rms to UTC
  • 1PPS, Have Quick Inputs

Navitar - Zoom 6000 Modular Zoom Lens System
Navitar's Zoom 6000 is a modular zoom lens system that can be configured to fit nearly any application. Choose from a diverse selection of body tubes, accessory optics, motorized configurations and lighting techniques. Dynamic magnification range of 0.09-393.80X offers incredible versatility, high contrast images and vivid colors, 0.01-182.72 mm field coverage, working distance starting at 13mm, add infinity corrected objective lenses to achieve unmatched edge flatness and clarity.

Abaco - FMC407 FPGA Mezzanine Card, Clock and Trigger Distribution FMC
  • External clock input and onboard VCO
  • External reference input and onboard reference (30.72MHz)
  • Eight synchronized clock outputs
    • 34.375MHz-4.4GHz
  • Eight synchronized trigger or 1PPS outputs
  • Onboard GPS receiver for accurate data time stamping
  • Fully controllable from FMC connector
  • VITA 57.1 compliant
  • LPC (low-pin count) compatible
  • Conformal Coating (optional)
  • Conduction cooled (optional)
  • A breakout cable on the front panel makes all clock and trigger signals available on individual SMA sockets.

Abaco - VPX361 3U VPX System, 6-slot system with integrated Single Board Computer
  • 3U OpenVPX embedded system
  • High-speed, inter-slot communication via independent links
  • 4U, 19-inch rackmount case
  • Optionally ruggedized
  • Compatible with 0.8-inch, 0.85- inch and 1.0-inch modules
  • Rear Transition Module (RTM) support for additional storage or I/O
  • 300W Power Supply
  • Five user-defined OpenVPX (VITA 65)-compliant expansion slots
  • PCIe communication from each slot with Single Board Computer (SBC)
  • Supports multiple VP780 Virtex-7 FPGA boards
  • Multi-channel A/D and D/A using FMCs

Brandywine Communications

Brandywine Communications Inc. offers superior products to the time and frequency marketplace. Our mission is to provide the finest equipment coupled with excellent before and after sale service. Our staff of dedicated professionals, based in Tustin, CA, represents over 100 years of collective experience in design, manufacturing and sales of precision time and frequency products. Many of our products are made here in the United States, which allows for quick turnarounds and custom design.

Products from Brandywine Communications range from components such as Oven Controlled Oscillators to complete timing systems like the top of the line High Performance Timing System (HPTS).

Several state-of-the-art time and frequency systems are available from Brandywine. The system product line includes single and dual-redundant models, GPS synchronization and a wide range of oscillator choices: TCXO, OCXO, high-stability OCXO and Rubidium types. GPS choices include both C/A code and SAASM models.

Brandywine also is the premier North American distributor of Oscilloquartz, a subsidiary of ADVA Optical Networking. Oscilloquartz is a premier synchronization supplier for telecommunications for wireline and wireless infrastructures throughout the world. This partnership creates a powerhouse of timing and telecommunications that expand Brandywine's services to their customers in the US and Canada.

We supply several major market segments including: Aerospace, US and Municipal governments, telecommunications, US military, power utilities, financial institutions, test ranges, automotive industry, healthcare and schools.

Brandywine Communications, Inc. is certified as a Small Business Organization with the United States Small Business Administration (SBA’s 8(a) Certification Program) and is registered on the System for Award Management ( website which makes us eligible for all awards or grants specified under this provision.

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